MCU Phase 1 l Tier List | 6 Movies Ranked Worst to Best

This week, we rank all six Marvel ranked worst to best.

mcu phase1

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[00:00:21] Hey, you listen. Welcome to another episode of undisputed nerds. I am one of your hosts saying Tycho. I nearly said simply saying

[00:00:32] GG: how weird this? Oh, no. He has bringing back some bad memories. Oh,

[00:00:39] Zane: um, welcome to the podcast where we talk about comics, TV shows and movies and stuff as always I'm joined by the fantastic gentlemanly gamer.

[00:00:46] However

[00:00:46] GG: you get to that radio land. Good evening. Yes. I'm. Well, yeah, I'm already saying thank you. We've been over that before we had a busy week. Uh oh man. You bring back the memories with the senpai said, [00:01:00] uh, yeah. He's he's gone some place ain't it's dead and gone. Yeah. He's.

[00:01:05] Zane: What's the word I'm looking for.

[00:01:06] What does Dr. Hootie,

[00:01:08] GG: he integrated into internet rates into the Capitan. There you go. That's a new intro for you. Hey, you where's that come

[00:01:17] Zane: from? No, I had Zelda in my head like, Hey, listen,

[00:01:24] GG: are you going to have to give the grandma like 20 of those? Like Ruby things. I always hate that. Cause it's always like, she wants 20 of them. Exactly. And then she's wearing one and I'm like, she'll be 19 love

[00:01:37] Zane: looking at you. What's going on with you.

[00:01:41] GG: But yes. Have you had a good week, Mr. Mr. Taichou some

[00:01:45] I nearly called you senpai then.

[00:01:49] It's too. It's like some like, ah, I dunno. We've got to stop it. Um,

[00:01:56] Yes. It's been a good brief. You good? I'm glad we got some

[00:01:59] Zane: new [00:02:00] mangas. Uh, read some comics. Yeah,

[00:02:03] GG: go ahead. So unplug it, go on.

[00:02:06] Zane: I do another podcast code and dispel anime where we let's talk about, uh, anime and manga,

[00:02:15] GG: his sister show, um, the Undisputed anime

[00:02:22] what are we make Toto, not cousin. Right? So what are we doing this week saying we're going to be doing the old Marvel tier listing. We're doing phase one. Aren't we we've been thinking this for awhile, right back to where it started. Yes. Before just Wieden was a monster. We're going right back.

[00:02:47] We go right back. But, but before we do that, before we do that, guys, we're going to be kicking off doing our tips and bits. But as we know, it's become the regularly recurring segment of the show. Now it's time [00:03:00] to have this week's what's all the rage with Nicholas cage.

[00:03:18] uh, national.

[00:03:25] Zane: I thought you were getting the bad Lieutenant one. I was hit me with the coconuts.

[00:03:32] GG: Oh, that's remarkable. Well, there we go guys. So are you ready for this one, Zane? Cause this week's news is an absolute Hom

[00:03:41] Zane: Digger. Ooh. All right. Are you ready?

[00:03:45] GG: Yes. I'm going to read you the headline. This is, this is from a news.

[00:03:49] This is from a genuine news sky news website. Oh, romance fraudster posing as Nicholas cage scammed the vulnerable women out of thousands of pounds. [00:04:00] Online datas have been warned about the dangers of fake celebrity profiles

[00:04:05] Zane: after all, and was juked

[00:04:06] GG: out with thousands of pounds by a romance fraudster posing as Hollywood star Nicholas cage.

[00:04:13] The woman believes she was exchanging messages with the Oscar winning actor on Facebook and lost about 10,000 pounds in the scab, uh, reports of robots. told sky news. They were the tip of the iceberg as many victims of too embarrassed to come forward. So Zane, obviously it goes without saying that like, if you're a victim of fraud or you have any problems or you're a victim of any crime in particular, obviously let somebody know report it.

[00:04:44] Uh, we have your, you have our sympathies and we hope you get through it and get your money back. Okay. Being, I mean, I will say this, if you're going to be seduced by any man on the internet, then surely Hollywood star Nicholas cage is going to be the one to do it. [00:05:00] I mean, you know, do you think his, his best child light is not the BS

[00:05:06] Zane: it's only for that or, uh, the honey line, you know,

[00:05:16] GG: I like it when he's like dont move me. He just

[00:05:17] Zane: goes

[00:05:21] you're all guilty.

[00:05:25] GG: Uh, so yes, there you go. Uh, yeah. So beyond the, uh, look guys, if you are online and you're looking for love online, Nicholas cage is married. He's got a kid on the way. So, uh, you know, maybe think twice before you send him lots of money because he is a movie star, I'm pretty sure he could afford it.

[00:05:43] Zane: Did you ever watch him catfish

[00:05:46] GG: the show?

[00:05:47] Yeah. Yeah. Yes. I, uh, one or two episodes. I didn't really, you know, I mean, I'm not, I'm normally the one who gets catfished. So

[00:05:55] Zane: David, I remember a, an episode where, um, someone believed they were in [00:06:00] contact with, um, bow. Okay. What was the outcome? It was about

[00:06:12] GG: how, I guess that

[00:06:16] Zane: yeah, I

[00:06:17] GG: did somehow. Yes, I did. I did think it might not be loud at the end of it. So yes. I'm still recovering from that

[00:06:27] Zane: coconuts thing. Do you want it one more time? Yeah.

[00:06:40] GG: it's not what he trusted. Wait it's that when he's in like the, uh, he's in like some kind of ballroom or something, and he's pretending to be English he's

[00:06:49] Zane: he's at like a British museum, because the whole reason he puts on an accent is because all the security guards

[00:06:54] GG: are. Yes, that's it. I remember. I remember that now.

[00:06:59] [00:07:00] Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. That is the Oscar award-winning Nicholas age. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts in an English accent

[00:07:09] Zane: and at Disney movie,

[00:07:10] GG: it is the movie. Yes. Yes. There you go. Uh, all right. Let's get into some tips and bits then saying, so saying, where do you want to start this week?

[00:07:20] We've got, uh, we've got star wars, DC, Marvel, and.

[00:07:27] Zane: Oh, um, I'm going to leave other for last cause that'd be a nice mystery tour. So let's, let's start with star

[00:07:36] GG: wars, star wars. All right. So, uh, the book of Boba Fett Boba Fett Zane is ongoing. Uh, it is, uh, is ongoing as we speak. We've reviewed the first episode.

[00:07:47] You find it in our playlist on YouTube or on the podcast thing. If you have not listened to it already, uh, go and get our opinions on that. We'll do a run through with the season when it's finished. Um, so Simon peg, a world [00:08:00] renowned star wars fan, uh, it's actually been in the force awakens as Agnar plop or whatever his name is.

[00:08:07] Uh, and, um, in the clone wars, uh, and in star wars Battlefront, actually, uh, Simon peg has voiced the bounty hunter called Denton Gar. Um, if you are not aware of who den got is, he's the one who's got, he got loads of body armor on and he kind of wears bandages on his head. He's got like bandages wrapped around his head and stuff.

[00:08:28] Um, I will send you the link to this story so that you can show it for those of you who are watching on the podcast medium. Um, he has a throne, the speculation in. Some people were saying, are you going to be playing 10 guys in the live action version? Um, this was Simon pegs comments, not in the season. Uh, but you just never know.

[00:08:50] I've put many things out there into the universe in the past. And they've oddly, come back to me. I occasionally throw out these cultural boomerangs and we'll see, uh, I did the laugh at the [00:09:00] end there because he actually does say laugh that's then go on the left. Uh, yeah, on the left. Yeah. That's slightly back on the right.

[00:09:06] Um, so yeah. Uh, so there may be speculation run rampant in the second season. We'll actually see some of old Boba Fett bounty hunting colleagues coming after him and Simon pagan might be playing God. What are your thoughts saying? Would you be excited to see a bounty hunter war in Boba Fett too? And thoughts on time and pay coming in as a, as then go?

[00:09:33] Yeah.

[00:09:33] Zane: Uh, bounty hunter war sounds really cool. I like the sound of that. Like it's supposed to, at the moment they're giving off this sort of godfather sort of fives. The series all night. So, you know, everyone's kind of like old territory who money, like who's got the spice.

[00:09:56] GG: Yeah. So Oregon, it would have

[00:09:59] Zane: thought, [00:10:00] but, um,

[00:10:07] GG: I'm a fool. I should've

[00:10:08] Zane: said

[00:10:11] GG: apologies listeners. Yeah. You'd like to talk to, if you'd like to see Simon packets a as Dan golden. Yeah. Why

[00:10:19] Zane: not? Like it's another cool sort of Easter egg, isn't it? We would love to get

[00:10:24] GG: Easter egg. I think so. I think it was sad that he got to be in star wars, but not actually see his face.

[00:10:29] Cause you never see his face in the force awakens. And he is a years of mega star, her makeup fan first star wars. He's a mega stars, but um, yeah, no, it's interesting. It's interesting. I would, I would very much like to see bounty hunter. That's what we all want. Isn't it like a, get your, get your horns ready.

[00:10:44] We all want an all out bounty hunter fight. That's what we want. Um, yeah. Anyway. Interesting, interesting, interesting Pasco.

[00:10:53] Zane: Isn't that? One of the bounty hunters.

[00:10:56] GG: The lizards. Yes. You can't wear shoes. [00:11:00]

[00:11:00] Zane: Just those like lizard feet hanging over the edge.

[00:11:04] GG: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

[00:11:08] It's so spiky listed clothes just hanging on for dear. Yeah, there's loads of Cooper. I mean, obviously IGA ATA as well is, you know, we've, we saw, we saw a version of him in Mandela and I'm not sure if we saw actually RG 88 or whether we saw a different ID unit, but, you know, he's probably one of the most famous bounty hunters, the weird pipe pipe robots that could just murder incessantly.

[00:11:33] Um, also Mar I mean, whether they, they do, they might do Mara Jade this way as well, because Ooh, I love Mara. Jake was also, I think, I mean, she was a hand of the emperor, but I'm not sure if she went into bounty hunting off the UNPRI it was dead, but that could be a way of introducing her as well.

[00:11:48] Potentially. Yeah. They're mixing up all these origins, but yes, anyway, uh, interesting. Uh, we will cover a proper fat when he's finished. Boba Fett has seen most corn when he's finished. Um, [00:12:00] it's uh, it's I I'd, I'd like to see him Simon Pegg live action. Um, let's do some, let's do some Marvel. Sumavel use this one.

[00:12:07] Okay. So, um, Chloe's out who directed, uh, the eternal, which we were not a fan of on this podcast. Um, no offense to close out, cause she's a fantastic director, but the uttermost was just personally not, not great. Um, she has, uh, gone on record as saying, uh, it's basically, if I MCU director, this was an interview, um, and she has said that.

[00:12:37] Regarding the post credit scene with Dean Whitman. Okay. Kit, kit. Harington yeah. That's all right. Don't worry. Not the Harry styles one. Um, I'll just read the quote. Uh, so this is, this is what she said. Um, this is in regards to, uh, basically the, the exchange on MCU direct and, um, talking about the Blu-ray commentary and stuff like that.

[00:12:59] [00:13:00] So this is in regards to directly to seeing that scene at the end of the film, uh, Chloe's house says Ebony blade, who would have thought I definitely geek out quite a bit, especially when that voice comes in at the end. And then the person who she's with, uh, on this commentary says, uh, it's just a really cool post credit scene.

[00:13:18] It's simple, but it sets up so so much. Um, so I will say it wasn't very cool post credit scene. Yeah. And it was, it was nice to see the Ebony blade and it was good to know that kit Harington is going to have more to do than just look handsome. Um, but I don't really feel like it. I'm not sure. Yes. It, it seemingly sets up a lot for the MCU, knowing who that voice is, but on the, on the, on the front end of it, there's been a lot of post credit scenes that I've done a lot more.

[00:13:54] Yeah. And I'm just kind of like, does it really set up that much? Really? What [00:14:00] are your thoughts on this, but also on the post credit scene in general?

[00:14:06] Zane: I love that post credit scene because it is it's, it's cool sort of little scene, really like, you know, for him to have the Ebony blade, we got to see how it reacts to his touch and everything else, which sounds weird. But you know, it's all mystic arts and such. Um, and then obviously the, the blade element as in blade, the rug

[00:14:30] GG: itself,

[00:14:31] Zane: the blade itself, not the prop, but it brings, I guess, yeah, he does bring in a whole new element.

[00:14:37] One thing I didn't realize until literally, um, I think today is that there's a, a comic series where they're in a team together. I think it's called like. Um, 13 or something.

[00:14:51] GG: So just like why we need DRAC on drag would be able to tell us. Yeah. And then this bit, and this is what happens in the story and

[00:14:58] Zane: on these

[00:14:58] GG: things, he is [00:15:00] the volt historian.

[00:15:01] That's what I call him. I think I called him his story and it might be something else rude, but,

[00:15:08] Zane: but, um, yeah, apparently they they've been on teams together. Um, so I just kind of wonder, I also had a thought,

[00:15:16] GG: I think it would be a dark defenders team or something like that. I assumed that it would be that kind of crossover probably from the seventies when blades had an Afro.

[00:15:26] Zane: Yeah. Um, but I also kind of wondered would they do the whole buddy cop act again, like with God, that would be a Milken and winter soldier. Winter

[00:15:37] GG: soldier. Yeah. I see what east London coming at night. I know what, uh, that will be amazing. I would love to see a blade blade, black Knight team up like a buddy cop

[00:15:54] Zane: blade, the straight man buns kit Harrington, the kooky guy.

[00:15:58] GG: Yeah. And then [00:16:00] it's like, uh, it's. What's that get hard? The, uh, barrel mark Walberg

[00:16:17] Zane: Sorry.

[00:16:18] GG: Yeah. Anyway.

[00:16:22] Zane: Yeah. That's what I meant. Yeah. Let me pull that up. Let's edit. What's that bad boys. You have Applebee's

[00:16:32] I hope with a vengeance, you

[00:16:33] GG: say? Yeah, let's totally.

[00:16:37] All right. So, um, moving on to the next article, uh, I, I'm going to put a very, very, very, very heavy, heavy, heavy spoiler warning guys. Spider-Man no way home. And also for Hawkeye, if you have not seen these, uh, shows or films, stop listening now, or skip if Zane's put a time code in. I'm not sure if he's done.

[00:16:58] I I'm just making a note right [00:17:00] now what an absolute legend. So, um, as a result of the reveal of Charlie Cox being in, Spider-Man no way home, uh, and, uh, Vincent D'Onofrio being in Hawkeye. Yeah. Something very, very interesting has happened to sane. Oh, so apparently so since, since Disney plus obviously, uh, Uh, happened.

[00:17:25] Um, yeah, the Marvel shows on Netflix were phased out. They were no lock them. They were no more, uh, and it was very sad and we're all sad about it. And we've been over enough times on the show to say, have Sapio. Um, however, uh, enough time has passed that Marvel studios can obviously now use those characters because there was an agreement, a licensing agreement with Netflix that they couldn't use that Dublin kingpin and stuff like that, which is why we didn't see them immediately when the shows ended.

[00:17:51] I think it was for five years, something like that. So anyway, as a result of that, that's now meant that they appear in Hawkeye and no way home, um, [00:18:00] has a result of that. Uh, it has been more than three years since it's it's. I think it was two years actually say, no, it wasn't. It was for three years, but it's been more than three years since the season finale of, uh, of, of season three of devil.

[00:18:12] Um, and in, in December, on, in the week of December, it landed in eighth place on Nielsen's SVOD, top 10 list for original programs. So basically what happened. When Charlie Cox turned up inspired about, and when king pin turned up in Hawkeye, everyone were like, who the F are? These guys I'd went and watched the data we're

[00:18:40] Zane: showing.

[00:18:41] Oh, okay,

[00:18:42] GG: excellent. It is. So the reason why this is noteworthy is it is an unprecedented result for a show that was canceled years ago, but it makes sense cause they're basically revisiting Daredevil or watching it for the first time after these characters have shown up in the MCU. [00:19:00] So I've gotten to figure shit out by variety Daredevil, gone at a whopping 195 million minutes across its 39 episodes.

[00:19:07] That doesn't seem to be, this is a nice little note. There doesn't appear to be any sort of increased interest in the other. Netflix shows at least not enough to crack the top 10 though. It would be shocked if some fans hadn't chosen to revisit the lights of defenders Punisher, or God forbid are in face.

[00:19:22] So, um, yeah, Daredevil just will not stay down. He just keeps coming back. Baby three is on the top. So he's broke the top 10 again. Um, but the reason why I thought it was noteworthy is, uh, that we can have some speculation. Now, how quickly do you think that as a result of things like this and obviously the popularity of the characters dead as an entity will re exist in more than just a Matt Murdock role in the MCU movies or otherwise thoughts?

[00:19:55] I think it will

[00:19:55] Zane: be, uh, soon as possible because from a. [00:20:00] Disney head honcho, business, mind that's revenue that they've missed out on because they don't have any sort of debt level IPS that they, that could be coming stream revenue stream into them. So that's um, yeah, that's crazy.

[00:20:17] GG: Um,

[00:20:19] Zane: yeah, only they had that on Disney plus they'd be like,

[00:20:26] GG: I think they would be bike

[00:20:28] Zane: is like, is the CEO, he does the Seth Rollins laugh. I didn't want to, I didn't want to name, drop him, but yeah, he does. Yeah. He likes to do it at lunch

[00:20:43] GG: from his fingers together. Like Mr. Burns, he doesn't,

[00:20:45] Zane: it

[00:20:49] breaks a Kit-Kat that the wrong way?

[00:20:55] GG: What does that mean?

[00:20:58] Zane: Because, you know, he'll laugh about it. It'd be [00:21:00] that

[00:21:01] GG: he would laugh when he makes Nicholas cage saying I've got a lovely bunch of Coby that's

[00:21:07] Zane: national treasure three,

[00:21:11] GG: right. They go in after the fabric ate egg, that was in the room.

[00:21:19] Okay. So, uh, sticking with some Marvel news, move it on. Um, Tim Roth now, uh, Tim Roth recently caught up with approx, uh, who did an interview with him. Uh, the abomination made a cameo appearance in hung tree and the last 10 years. Um, and it's been pretty much confirmed that the abomination is going to appear and she hoped in some way, shape or form.

[00:21:43] Ooh, so there's a little bit, but basically, uh, Tim Roth was asked by our rocks about, was unexpected return. Uh, and what led to that becoming a reality. Now it's a long quote. Would you like me to read the whole quote? And would you like me to read it? And it's east London accent.

[00:21:59] Zane: I mean, it wouldn't [00:22:00] ask, but if you feel that too, it

[00:22:02] GG: will honestly, it totally surprised me.

[00:22:04] I went, it's chat with Kevin foggy and he said, oh, God idea. Come in. Really, really? Cause the original thing that I did when I did that first, incredibly hot movie, we started there just for the kids in a way it was pretty iron man. Oh. Was a waste when they came back around and said, oh, would you feel

[00:22:21] Zane: about at all?

[00:22:22] Wait. Yeah.

[00:22:22] GG: All right. We just show it, I guess the summer last year or what. I think there read the post that I do. It is. So whenever Bodus I've got so rough. Hello. Awesome. Oh, I love, and I don't know if I'm allowed to say, oh, I can say that, but this extraordinary woman, Tatiana, Lonnie. Incredible. So that was a

[00:22:43] Zane: blast that shows gotta be

[00:22:44] GG: inside.

[00:22:46] Um, wow. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize deeply

[00:22:52] for my butchering up his accent, but, uh, uh, the big news on that is it sounds like the abomination is going to be quite heavily featured in she hog, [00:23:00] uh, on that. And are you excited to see old, big, old a BombBomb come back?

[00:23:07] Zane: Uh, yeah, that let's face it, like since they kind of gave that teaser in the Shong trailer, like everyone's been like, wow, abomination, Hey, he even looks like comic book, accurate abomination.

[00:23:23] Not that weird.

[00:23:25] GG: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:23:26] Zane: So, um, yeah. Why not? This is his redemption art.

[00:23:30] GG: Yeah, actually it's is big time. Big time back. I know you said you wanted other lost, but the DC news is pretty big. So I'm going to say that one and I'm going to give you the other news now. Cause it's it's big, but it's not as big.

[00:23:45] So, um, quite big news for quite a tiny actor. Uh, Tom cruise, uh, it is obviously filming mission impossible seven and eight. Um, now the idea was that mission impossible seven [00:24:00] was supposed to hit cinemas this year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the Hollywood reporter has confirmed that the movie will now open in 2023 instead of in September this year, um, after four for consideration permit pictures, and Skydance have decided to postpone the release dates, permission possible seven and eight in response to the delays during the ongoing pandemic, the new release dates will be July 14th, 2023 and June 28th, 2024, respectively.

[00:24:29] Uh, we look forward to providing moviegoers with an unparalleled theatrical experience now. So I mean, the reason why I bring this up is twofold. Firstly, uh, it's quite sad to see mission impossible back. Uh, I really enjoyed fallout. I thought it was great. Yeah. The other reason is, um, Tom cruise is very famously, got quite angry on set before about pandemic breaches.

[00:24:56] How do you think he reacted to this one? [00:25:00]

[00:25:00] Zane: Yeah, I guess he wouldn't have been too happy. Um, cause I think he even said he wanted them to be the first movie like that was made during the pandemic to be,

[00:25:13] GG: to be out. Yeah. You want it to save Hollywood? He wanted to save Hollywood just by himself on his tiny digital shoulders.

[00:25:23] That's true. I think he's going to do that thing. Do you think he's going to save.

[00:25:26] Zane: I think the only way he'll save Hollywood is if he does that cameo is iron man.

[00:25:33] GG: Yeah, sure. He'll be doing that. Just like Ben Affleck. I'll be doing Daredevil.

[00:25:39] That's definitely going to happen. Well, there you go. Anyway, so yeah, uh, it looks like it's going to be July 14th, 2023 and July and June 28th, 2024, respectively for mission impossible, seven and eight. So sad, sad news for my fans. I'm afraid. Did

[00:25:54] Zane: top

[00:25:54] GG: gun get released? No, it hasn't been released yet. I think that also got pushed back.

[00:25:59] [00:26:00] Um, I know, I know Paul, those volleyball fans will be very sad. Um, all right. So the main event, the main event news that I've been saving, uh, which we're going to talk about, it's a doubler. Um, so the first bit is not as interesting as the second bit, uh, but, uh, the Batman, the Batman is coming out soon.

[00:26:25] March 4th, to be precise. It is just over a month away, a month away from what my most excited for movies for the last 10 years, um, uh, caught it better. Be good. If this is my suicide squad, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cry. So Pattinson, uh, has been doing the rounds and he said, he's had an interview with a MovieMaker.

[00:26:49] Uh, so he has expressed quite a lot of regret over in the early days saying that he was not working out to play Bruce Wayne. [00:27:00] And this is the quote. So the quote is that really came back to haunt me. I'm not doing the accent this time. I already have my told me. I just always think it's really embarrassing to talk about how you're working out.

[00:27:13] I think it's like an English thing, unless you're in the most unbelievable shape where people are just genuinely curious going, how have you achieved that? Like physical perfection or whatever you're playing Batman. You have to work out. I think I was doing the interview when I was in lockdown as well in England.

[00:27:28] And I was in the lower gear of working out. It's the same thing as saying in an interview when I was like 21, I didn't wash my hair. It just sticks for 15 years. So, uh, Pattinson looks very good in the Batman, uh, from what I've seen so far. And I'm very impressed by it. But the real news that I wanted to talk about is the runtime has been released for the Batman.

[00:27:50] Uh, I, I think you may have seen this already saying possibly. Um, but the runtime for the Batman is coming in at just under [00:28:00] three hours.

[00:28:03] Zane: isn't it like two hours 55. Exactly.

[00:28:06] GG: Yes. Yes it is. Um, it's crazy. It's it's 2 56, actually two, I was fifty six, a hundred and seventeen, a hundred and seventy six minutes.

[00:28:14] Um, I mean, that's a, that's that's a long time ago without Pete break.

[00:28:23] Zane: It's a lot of Batman as well as three hours of Batman action.

[00:28:27] GG: You know, I, I w I won't use my name, but we have this thing called a gent bladder where it's a touch and go situation, whether or not I'm going to make it through a whole movie without needing to go to the toilet three hours law.

[00:28:40] That's going to challenge me. That's my Rogue's gallery right there. The three hour movie, um, thoughts on the length, uh, of this movie specifically saying nothing else. Um, and, uh, will you be able to, uh, make it through,

[00:28:56] Zane: uh, yes, I will be [00:29:00] able to survive,

[00:29:00] GG: uh, secondly, a marathon, man. Aren't you you're like Snyder verse marathon, man.

[00:29:05] So of course, three hours. It's nothing to you. You're like three hours. Geez, honestly. So, you know, that's like, that's not, I mean, having a gentle nap. Well,

[00:29:15] Zane: I mean, I do try to evacuate everything, like placing my once. I've got my seat. I like I'll be back in a second. Well, you know, in the theater where you find it.

[00:29:30] Yeah.

[00:29:31] GG: Yeah. I was just really concerned. You were evacuating in the theater that would have been the worst situation ever. I would have been quite disgusted by you. Um, uh, I mean, I love,

[00:29:43] Zane: did you also see the age rating on this as well, by the way, this, uh, age certificate

[00:29:48] GG: given I did. And I brought it up so that you could tell us right now

[00:29:55] Zane: my mind. Um, yeah, crazy. [00:30:00] I had no idea. This would be like a PG 13. I thought it would be like from the trailer, you a little bit

[00:30:06] GG: of a high up, I'm not disappointed. It's the thing is right with Batman. It's it? It's not, when you look at like the old Batman, like Batman 89, I mean, that's a 15 and really there is nothing in that that is like, as horrific as anything that we've seen in the suicide squad, which was a 15 as well.

[00:30:34] So, you know, we're starting to see that kind of like PG 13 movies can feature some quite graphic stuff without, but because it's set in a fantasy fantastical superhero, we surrounding it actually doesn't get as much. Uh, you know, a rating as you would expect. Like I said to, you know, suicide, the suicide squad that came out last year, that's really serious gore in it.

[00:30:59] And like, [00:31:00] yeah, that was a 15. And it was like, I would have, you know, I would have pictured a king shock ripping someone in half to put that up into the 18 bracket, but it didn't absolutely. So yeah, I, I'm not, I'm not worried about it being a PG 13. I think it's, um, I think it has every, you know, plenty of things can be scary without needing to show specific stuff.

[00:31:21] And if they're doing, if they, if the rumors are true and it's just a room of guys, I don't have any facts on this, but if they are during the course of hours, uh, the courthouse, or a much more psychological villain than they are outright scares. So there's plenty of opportunities to play mind games and have spooky, scary stuff without it needing to be exposed as like horror slash of violence or anything like that.

[00:31:46] They, I dunno, they seem to be like, if it's going to be three hours long that they've, they've clearly got a lot of story to tell in order for that runtime. Cause that's, that's, that's very meaty for a superhero film, you know, when you think about the fact that that's, that's just, just under like [00:32:00] infinity war and like, you know, and game run time.

[00:32:03] Like that's just about the same time as that. Like, that's a lot of story. So my guess is they seem to be modifying the long Halloween and then putting in some, um, some courthouse stuff in it as well. So it looks like they might've mashed those two stories together. And that's great because there are two incredible stories.

[00:32:20] So I guess we just have to see, but I'm not, I'm not worried about the PG ring. I'm worried about making it through three hours without

[00:32:28] Zane: I am. I watched a video on YouTube of course. Cause well, did you research? Yeah. Yeah. And apparently I didn't realize this, but apparently to push it into like the next sort of category, like a 15 or an 18, there would have to be some sort of level of nudity to kind of push it beyond that because there's no, there may be reference of narcotics, but there's no drugs in it.

[00:32:50] There's no, um, hyper violence, like a Quentin

[00:32:56] GG: Tarantino movie. Um, what you're telling me is a Batman needs to bring [00:33:00] out the ultimate weapon. That one.

[00:33:05] Zane: Yes.

[00:33:06] GG: It's likely that fantastic. He's going to expose his enemies to bat wine.

[00:33:13] Zane: Yeah. Good. Excellent. Well, that's what I wanted to hear. So you heard it here first. You have wine is coming.

[00:33:23] GG: Oh, that's.

[00:33:26] Zane: You just had to push it into that category. You didn't you PG podcast 15. Sorry guys. Sorry.

[00:33:44] Okay. That's it. The tips of this

[00:33:54] intermission. I'm a police man. See my badge.[00:34:00]

[00:34:00] GG: You should've played that before. I said it. You knew where it was going.

[00:34:04] Zane: Ah, there we go.

[00:34:12] GG: Sorry, saying, oh, I see. So he's just like, I'm just making a note of where to edit this entire thing out.

[00:34:21] Zane: Glad we didn't have any sponsors.

[00:34:28] GG: Yeah. Manscaped

[00:34:33] Zane: they will actually

[00:34:36] GG: shape your pubes into the bat symbol to match your bat Wang with landscape.

[00:34:46] Oh, gosh. Right. What we do

[00:34:54] Zane: uh, well actually, um, one of them, a little bit of Marvel news. Have you seen that, [00:35:00] uh, they're going to do a justice league, um, event where the justice league or di

[00:35:06] GG: Marvel news

[00:35:08] Zane: don't know, like I said, comic news didn't know.

[00:35:13] GG: You said

[00:35:14] Zane: you went in another bit of mob justice league. I'm like the nerds will come and say, what are you doing?

[00:35:22] Because Marvel would love to hear that. It's true.

[00:35:26] GG: Yes. Yeah. The death of the justice league. Isn't that awesome. Yeah. Very inventive title. Um, yeah. I had heard something along those lines. I don't really know much about the story. Who's the, who's the big, bad,

[00:35:41] Zane: I don't think much has been revealed. It's been written by, um Bendis so it only just got announced.

[00:35:46] So, um, and two covers, there's going to be a variant cover. Um, yeah, but one of all their coffins and all the heroes attend,

[00:35:57] GG: something like that with all the, yeah. The imagery of the [00:36:00] coffins I've seen floating about the ether this week. Um, um, yeah, but yeah, I, again, I hadn't seen, um, yeah, isn't it, but it's not, they're not killing all of them are they they're just it's everyone, except for one of them is going to survive.

[00:36:13] Oh, I think it was like it's it's in April. Isn't it? That's the storyline. You're talking about it. Yeah. Yeah. It's not that they're doing so, yeah, they they've, uh, God, I'm trying to remember what this was about. Yeah. It's they haven't, like you said, they haven't announced much. They just, yeah. It's the imagery of all the, all their symbols are on the front of the conference and they're different colored button.

[00:36:35] Yeah. So yeah, they they're murdering basically all the justice league apart from one of them. Um, and I, I, I mean, when I say murdering, I mean, there'll be back won't they let's be honest. They'll be dead for like two issues and then they'll come back. Yeah. I don't even know who the what's the current run of.

[00:36:55] Like here's the current league. It's a Superman Batman wonder woman. I'm guessing. And [00:37:00] then yeah, Britain run. Which green mountain. This is how old Jordan all do it. I'm

[00:37:06] Zane: pretty sure it's John Stewart. You've got like Adam

[00:37:10] GG: Black Adams in the justice thing. Yeah, man. I need to read some more of those. I haven't read them in ages.

[00:37:15] That's interesting. Yeah. So wait, it's black out. I'm a full on hero

[00:37:20] Zane: now. They paid for rock. So

[00:37:26] GG: yeah, but like

[00:37:28] Zane: what? Hmm. Why is,

[00:37:32] GG: why is black Adam and the justice league? So that means captain. Sorry. Shizam is not in the justice league then I'm guessing. No, no. I love that. No, no,

[00:37:43] Zane: no, no, no, Nope.

[00:37:44] Not

[00:37:44] GG: him. justice leak.

[00:37:48] Great.

[00:37:49] Zane: Uh, now you're

[00:37:50] GG: testing me as to Mr. Morrison instead that Acrobat his dad

[00:37:57] Zane: back on that two wing.[00:38:00]

[00:38:02] Give me tribute.

[00:38:07] GG: Oh, talk to Wayne. Oh, that show. I really liked the second episode of proper fat. I'm not going to spoil anything for the, for the episode. We've got coming up, but like, I really like the second episode. Third one. Hmm. Yeah.

[00:38:23] Zane: Uh, here you go. I've got it. I got

[00:38:26] GG: it. I got it. I was, yeah. Well, we're waiting with bated breath here.

[00:38:33] Should I start doing some music? Did, did.

[00:38:46] okay, so that's Vixen on the left. Oh, oh wait. That's all the justice league.

[00:38:54] Zane: Here we go. This is bad one. Here's a cuppa. So

[00:38:56] GG: you've got a girl , [00:39:00] uh, black and airy green arrow. Aqua man. Batman black album Vixen and wonder woman. That was that name. Is it? Yeah. Yeah. It looks like, okay, wait, uh, it looks like dog sides, the body, and that go back, get back.

[00:39:21] Sorry for those of you, can't see what we're looking at. Comic. We're looking at some comic covers. Uh, so if you check out our YouTube channel, you can see it on there, but basically it's all it all. It's revealing guys who are listening is it's just your standard lineup of superheroes and it underneath the thing that says justice league.

[00:39:37] Go back to that, that image you were saying a minute ago, what was that image that you were looking at? Me nigger? No, it wasn't. It was that one. It was that one. Look at the background top, right? That's dark side. Isn't it.

[00:39:48] Zane: They have a hone on there. Why?

[00:39:57] GG: Oh gosh. That's that's [00:40:00] a, that's actually, that's the old one. Isn't it? That's 59. And, um, what is it? 70 something, 75 is the depth of the justice league issue. Yeah, I think they look

[00:40:11] Zane: ahead. Don't they? So, um, yeah, but, um, it's a weird lineup

[00:40:16] GG: is a really weird lineup. I mean, it's a normal lineup until it gets to blackout them.

[00:40:20] And then it's like, what the.

[00:40:26] Anyway, let's do a here list. Let's do it. Let's do a here list. So, uh, we are going to be this week, looking at the phase one, Marvel, uh, of the MCU. Um, so that is starting with iron man and moving all the way through to the Avengers. Um, so basically this is the introduction of, uh, well, the Avengers, um, and it is, uh, well just, I mean the advent of modern, modern comic book [00:41:00] cinema really let's be honest.

[00:41:01] So, um, it's interesting to note that iron man came out the same year as the dark night. I know it's weird, isn't it? I think like I'm not gonna lie. It got totally like blown out of the water in terms of kind of like coverage, like, like, cause the dark guy, obviously with Heath Ledger's policy just took over everything when it comes to comic book movies that year, but like iron man was, was great.

[00:41:27] So I mean, should we, should we start with lit lit oil?

[00:41:32] Zane: Yeah.

[00:41:32] GG: Um, lay on your eye on

[00:41:39] Zane: solar cast. Great. I'd say it's a great picking. Um, you know, our DJ mean

[00:41:47] GG: breakout role. I mean, when people, when people thought about RD JP and cost. Hmm. Did anyone really think that it would, I mean, he would become what he is now, even after Dr. [00:42:00] Doolittle. I mean like, okay, so here's a question for you. Yeah.

[00:42:08] How much morbid, cause you brought up out of your own, how much morbid curiosity wanted you to see Tom cruise in this instead of him and if it had been Tom cruise. Yeah. Do you think we would have the MCU?

[00:42:21] Zane: Ooh. Hmm. I mean, Tom cruise has been the foundation for numerous franchises. Let's not forget that.

[00:42:35] That has been the, obviously, as you mentioned, the mission impossible franchise that has been the dark universe franchise.

[00:42:48] GG: Yeah, you're right there. Right. That's been the, um,

[00:42:54] uh, you know, that, um, that one with the old, um, you [00:43:00] know, the franchise with the Joe. No, uh, you know, um, well what about the ones for the old, uh, volleyball shorts? Uh, that one that's good. That's a franchise now in it, in the eighties, the second, one of the 2020s

[00:43:20] top gun. That's, you know, that's a franchise now, right? The thing about Tom cruises, if, if, uh, and I've got nothing against Tom cruise movies whatsoever, but like, if he comes onto a franchise, it becomes a Tom cruise movie. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like it's like if he comes into something he's coming into it to be a Tom cruise vehicle.

[00:43:44] Okay. So that would've meant Ironman became a Tom cruise vehicle instead of being about the character of Tony stark and iron man. You know what I mean? Yeah. I don't. I just, I mean, when you look back on it now, like [00:44:00] ADI, Jay's just cool, man. Like, he's just cool. Like he is a man, like he's an actor who has been through a lot of bad stuff in his life.

[00:44:07] Like, uh, lots and lots of bad stuff. Yeah. He's come through it and he's come out the other side, he's clearly got a very lovely partner and they're very much in love and they have seemingly an extremely stable relationship. And, you know, he's obviously a man who's like been through the darkness and come out the other side and just enjoys his life now, like yeah.

[00:44:27] Clear. And you can clearly see that in this movie, you know, like the opening, the opening bit in this movie where he's in the Jeep with the guys, with the, with the military guys and, you know, the, the, the person throws up the piece of, but he's like, no gang symbols, please. Like, it's just so cool. Like, it's so great.

[00:44:47] And he's like, I love peace. Wasn't the piece. Like if it was, if it was, if we had peace, I'd be out of business. It's like, it's just

[00:44:54] Zane: great.

[00:44:54] GG: Like you would be able to get an idea of exactly what Tony stark is like and who he is as the person, uh, [00:45:00] at that point in time, which is an a-hole and an arrogant, a-hole it?

[00:45:06] That, um, pepper Potts thoughts on when a culture is casting and this one,

[00:45:11] Zane: I really liked Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepin poets. I couldn't have imagined anyone else really being cast in that role. Um, just because with. Acting she's always charming. Like you always instantly connect with her characters and stuff.

[00:45:28] Um, even if that is from shallow, how to the holiday to whatever else. So, yeah,

[00:45:35] GG: she may, she may sell candles that smell like vaginas, but she says she's got it down as far as the acting is concerned. Um, the only thing that I would think is a, is a kind of where this, this film kind of wanes a little bit.

[00:45:49] It's the body, um, OpenData stain. I mean, he's fine. He's, you know, a jet bridge is great regardless. Like he's really good and he's really good as [00:46:00] overdose Dane. Um, but the iron mongers as a body is that it will, we'll talk about it later on and Ironman too as well. But it does become a slight trope of like, oh, he's facing a robot of the week kind of thing, you know?

[00:46:16] Um, and it makes sense that he was the one who portrayed him, but it's also, I don't know. I, I, there is something to be said about random acts of violence causing heroes to be born as oppose to machinations of villains, you know, making that happen. But in this instance, I think it's okay. But it was, it was obviously a film that was kind of like a little bit all over the place, like far direction was, was.

[00:46:42] Very fluid in terms of kind of like they didn't necessarily stick to a script or have a script in the first place necessarily. It was more just a, oh, here's the, here's the framework, just wing it. Um, and it works, it does work in this film. It really does. Um, you know, the [00:47:00] other thing we should probably mention is, uh, Roddy.

[00:47:03] Yes.

[00:47:05] Zane: Um, is it Terrance

[00:47:07] GG: onward? It is. Turns out. Um, yeah, I would say that he, uh, so, oh God, you're going to get comments on this. We're gonna get so many comments on this one. I'm about to say, oh, speaking personally, I think he was very weak as roadie in this film. Uh, and when you look at what, uh, oh my God, what's his name?

[00:47:31] Don't cheat him. Thank you. Uh, when you look at what Don, she was done with the character, since I think that roadie is, uh, is probably one of the weakest past of the first iron man film. And I'm actually, I don't do it very often, but I will actually side with Marvel on this to say, I don't think it was a bad thing, recasting him.

[00:47:50] Um, cause when you look at the movie on the whole, in terms of the performances and the people who were in it, he brings the least.

[00:47:58] Zane: Yeah, [00:48:00] I'm trying to think though. He has like, what, three things in

[00:48:03] GG: that meeting as well. He's got a lot more than that. He's he's really heavily in the first one. Yeah. Yeah, because he's the one who's doing it.

[00:48:11] He's the military advisors and he, so at that point in time, so he's the one he has to try and stop. There's there's, there's quite a few, there's like, there's the beginning bit where they're at the party, uh, with him together with Tony, where he has to accept the award on his behalf. Yes. There's that bit, there's the bit where, um, he's gone to the flight.

[00:48:33] Yeah. Yes. Wait, where they get drunk. Is that all the second one?

[00:48:39] Zane: No, they, they fly to, so for the demo of Jericho oh yes. Every day I put on this suit.

[00:48:48] GG: Yeah. There you go. Uh, so yeah, there's that bit, I thought you meant the first time Ironman flies and he has to convince the military not to shoot them out of the sky.

[00:48:58] I thought that was a bit, you were talking about that scene. [00:49:00] Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Yeah, exactly though. That's the point? It's like forgettable is this, there's also the thing that I remember most about that is this, the whole setup for the next one, which is when he sees the mark two armor and he looks at it and goes next time, maybe I was like, yeah.

[00:49:16] Okay, cool. I swore, but, um, as far as like. On this film. I really liked this film. I really enjoy it. It's a, it's a, it's a fun, it's a fun romp. And it's, you know, it's comic book movies doing what comic book movies did at the time, a little bit, but it's also a kind of re-invention of, of what we know using a really be less character because, you know, for those of you who don't know this whole, if you notice about this, right, it's weird to look at this now.

[00:49:46] Um, because now these guys, these characters are all a list, tier characters in comic books at the time, this was the BNC squad in Marvel. Like [00:50:00] these guys were not popular characters in the comic books, really. Um, they were effectively what Marvel had left because they had to sell all of their franchise rights to films and somewhat television to other studios in order to prevent them from going out of business, which is why so many owns Spider-Man.

[00:50:19] And it's why Fox owned several properties up until very recently when the Disney machine became so large and, uh, consumed all of them. So this was all Marvel had left and Marvel wants to make a steak into the, uh, into the cinema world. So this is what they had to play with. I, iron man is either it's either a, B or an a, I don't think it's as low as a C.

[00:50:41] And it's definitely not as tight as an S yeah. It's either a, B or an a, I'm happy to get feedback from you in terms of that one, there. See

[00:50:53] Zane: what it does while at it does really well and became the blueprint in a lot of ways for the upcoming Marvel [00:51:00] movies. Um, looking back on it, I would say it's really a kid's movie in a lot of ways as well.

[00:51:07] Like it's, I wouldn't say it's over.

[00:51:13] GG: No, the other thing we didn't CA I wouldn't, I wouldn't necessarily say it's killing me because the other thing we didn't cover was his origin, like the actual origin environment, which has done really, really well. That whole cave sequence, um, with the, oh God, with the doctor who I forget the name of I'm sorry.

[00:51:28] I've completely forgotten.

[00:51:31] Zane: Is it Jensen,

[00:51:34] GG: Jensen? I think it's Dr. Yet. I think it's the Ensign, I think is I'm not sure, but anyway, regardless, that whole thing is great. And the fact that they put the 10 rings in there as well, and then we're revisiting the 10 rings like this last year in shrunk. She was great.

[00:51:49] Um, that whole sets, I wouldn't say that was necessarily for kids, but I don't know. I don't, there's a sex scene and this as well, which is one of the only sex scenes in a Marvel movie. Uh, [00:52:00]

[00:52:00] Zane: it's just, isn't it, like it cuts,

[00:52:05] GG: it gets into quite a rum upon a bed with Leslie. I mean on

[00:52:09] Zane: the floor. And then the next day, when only one person's in the bed,

[00:52:15] GG: listen, I'm going to give an insight into my love life. Right. I've never, you know, I mean, it may just be the I'm I'm, I'm dull, but like I've never been so like over joyed with stuff that I followed them on the floor off of the bed, like that's not, that's not an easy thing to do.

[00:52:30] Like that takes effort to fall off a bed. You know what I mean? You know? I mean,

[00:52:37] Zane: I hear what you're saying.

[00:52:39] GG: I'm sorry. You got to know where this has all come from. It's battling, it's bringing out with me.

[00:52:44] Zane: Um, it's just the movie troop, isn't it like to suggest it it's one of the, you know, it got to a storm and you know, what's going on, I guess.

[00:52:53] Yeah. Like the term.

[00:52:58] Well, you see a bad [00:53:00] back like, oh, dark Knight racist. Yeah, pick one.

[00:53:13] Okay.

[00:53:20] You realize

[00:53:20] GG: what you sit there anyway. Okay. Move it on. Incredible hope. Uh, so, uh, this was, it was it's the next year. It was like 2009 or 2010.

[00:53:31] Zane: I got a Phoenix. Oh nine.

[00:53:32] GG: I think it's a nine. So famously, uh, not, not mark Ruffalo has incredible hope. We've got Eddie Norton in his own knee MCU performance as a Dr.

[00:53:47] Bruce banner as the incredible Hulk, um, fact

[00:53:51] Zane: check. This came out the same year.

[00:53:56] GG: Wow. That's crazy. Oh, that's that's wild. I didn't realize [00:54:00] that. Um, so anyway, uh, yeah, so we're doing this Bruce banner. Um, you've got, uh, Liv Tyler, uh, uh, his love interest who, uh, I know her name is Ross. I can't Betty, Betty Ross.

[00:54:14] Um, and then you've got Tim Roth here. We talked about earlier on as the abomination, um, or what would eventually become the abomination. Um, so I'm going to be honest with you. This is one of the MCU movies, and I think this false, false trope of a lot of the phase one, uh, movies that there's some really big moments in this, but overall, I don't really remember much of this movie.

[00:54:42] So I remember there being a bit where Stanley drinks some dodgy liquid. Yes. Because, because, because Eddie Norton has bled all over a bottle factory in Brazil. Um, I remember that being a bit [00:55:00] where he fought so university, I remember that being a bit where he fights in hall. And he breaks Harlem. Yeah.

[00:55:07] That's that's about all I can remember at this film ready. And I remember the post credit scene. Oh my God. We didn't even talk about the post credit. So, you know, I, man, I talk about setting the stage. We should set the stage for that. Obviously iron man introduced the first ever post credit scene in, in MCU movies, obviously.

[00:55:23] Cause it was the first I'm going to say ever because there were post credit scenes just different before, but uh, yeah. Uh, Nick fury, I always said Nick stark then doc, you know, like going Nick fury, uh, and uh, yeah, fury talks about the Avengers initiative. So Marvel had set the stage for what they wanted to do.

[00:55:46] Um, and then we were going to see it over the next few years. And then the next result of that was the incredible Hulk. So saying what are your thoughts on this film? Because I'm struggling to be honest with you to think about good things to talk about with the [00:56:00] incredible,

[00:56:01] Zane: I remember being really excited to see this movie.

[00:56:05] Um, mainly because a good friend of mine was a massive Hulk fan, like impact operation to see this, he had bought like the DVD collection of the TV series. Yeah. And like watched it beforehand. Um, oh,

[00:56:23] GG: wow. Yeah.

[00:56:28] Zane: To this day he still twist by them. And I mean, to be fair, like there are some good stuff in that, but

[00:56:34] GG: it's the interpretation of four on screen ever.

[00:56:39] Zane: The waves of David banner,

[00:56:44] GG: even Bruce, go on. Sorry.

[00:56:48] Zane: But, um, yeah, it's with this movie, uh, it was, um, I guess we had a whole movie before, which was wildly [00:57:00] different.

[00:57:01] GG: Yeah. Yeah. Ang Lee's Hawk was kind of out there, but it was a very, it was a very emotional hole causing it Anglia

[00:57:12] Zane: five years, five years to make as well.

[00:57:15] GG: I mean, yeah, yeah. You're right.

[00:57:21] Yeah. It just felt long angle is home to me. I was just like, oh, really? Like, okay, cool. When's halt going to smash stuff. Yeah. Yeah. The thing is right. When you get what you've got a whole movie. Yes. There is a certain element of the duality of the, of the persona and, and how, you know, Hoke is the dark side of him or can potentially be the dark side of him.

[00:57:39] And how does he deal with this when he's has no control over his actions and stuff like that? Um, You know, a lot of people just want to see hope kick the living asset of things. Like that's what they want. You know, when I go most expensive bit, I will say that I remember when I was a huge horror fan as well.

[00:57:55] Not quite as to the level of watching the entirety of the incredible Hulk [00:58:00] Lou for Reno's incredible home. But, um, like I love it's like this was, I don't know whether the same year or whether it was the year after planet Holcon world war Hawk had just happened. Um, and I was a mega Hawk fan because of those books.

[00:58:16] Um, like, you know, there's nothing quite like seeing the whole beat the hell out of every single MCU hero or sorry, MCU every single Marvel hero in the comics, like page after page, just hearing him absolutely annihilate them until they have to get a century and a space laser to stop him, you know? So, um, I love like, I love the hope and I think going into this, I was expecting more in terms of kind of action and I think I'm always expecting more, but I think they always focus slightly more on character than they do actually, which is not a big, not a huge problem necessarily.

[00:58:52] Um, Uh, I'm S I'm not there's, there's two reasons why they haven't done another one since [00:59:00] firstly, it's, it's quite a hard character to interpret on screen and keep interesting on screen. Um, without it becoming, you know, this like transformers, CGI Fest kind of situation, but also obviously paramount, technically hold the solar rights to the Hulk.

[00:59:16] Um, so Marvel can't distribute it without Paramount's permission. Um, which is what I hope turns up in loads of other franchises. Now he's not really a solo outing guy. Um, thoughts on Edward known as the Hoke, whereas, you know, the whole can with his floppy hair.

[00:59:34] Zane: Uh, yeah, I mean, he was believable as the whole sort of scientist and things of that nature.

[00:59:40] I, it just dawned on me, it doesn't do the troop of doing the complete sort of origin, like from start to finish, like it's already happened and we get told what happened in the flashback. Oh, that's, that's quite decent looking back on it. Yeah. I,

[00:59:58] GG: I liked that. I liked that they didn't [01:00:00] do the origin of the whole, the thing is right.

[01:00:04] It's the same Spider-Man homecoming, which we'll talk about one day on this tier list, but like, you don't need to do it. Like everyone knows how Spider-Man guys pose. Everyone knows how the whole guys powers. You got hit with a blast. That's like, I mean, that's it it's as simple as that, you don't need to go into all the depth about how, what kind of a bomb was it?

[01:00:21] Oh, it's a gamma bomb. What kind of radiation is that? Oh, it produces Gallo. Radiation. Doesn't you say? Oh, how do we make gamma radiation? Well, let's have a look at that. Now. Don't need that. You don't need any of that. Oh, although I would be very interested to see them try and recreate and have like his friend, Rick be unaffected by it because he's hiding in a ditch

[01:00:45] Zane: because that's how radiation works.

[01:00:46] Yeah,

[01:00:47] GG: exactly. I've been hit by the full force of it,

[01:00:49] Zane: a topic bomb, but my friend he's hiding in a dead. It's funny. You should say that. I watched, uh, the Wolverine and that's what Logan does. [01:01:00] Um, when he's

[01:01:02] GG: there. Well, in world war two, have you been, yeah. Well when he's on Hiroshima yeah.

[01:01:10] Zane: Covers the guy. If he's just

[01:01:12] GG: shirtless, but doesn't that go like die?

[01:01:15] I feel like I died

[01:01:17] Zane: well, old day.

[01:01:20] GG: Well, how long was he lying on him

[01:01:21] Zane: for?

[01:01:24] So hopefully that's the whole point of the movie. Get some to come to Japan cause he's dying of old age and he wants

[01:01:38] some would say that was his bare back. Hold them back.

[01:01:43] GG: It's a cool back guys. It's cool. Yeah. I just, uh, he just made me think of that. Like for some reason, whenever I think of like the Hulk and the origin of the Hulk, I think back to the, um, the Simpsons episode where they cover radioactive man and how he became [01:02:00] radio,

[01:02:03] I'll do clear best my

[01:02:05] Zane: body absorbing radiation, becoming radioactive from this day forth. I should be known as radioactive man than monster guy. I would have thought being hit by the atomic blast would have killed him the same as base. Yeah. I keep thinking of when they do the movie and Bart's late watch out radioactive man.

[01:02:34] GG: All right. So, uh, yeah, I, the, as far as like, uh, Liv, Tyler is kind of guessable as Betsy Ross, to be honest with you, like we've never seen her accents and she doesn't okay. Performance. It's not that I actually, ironically, if I keep thinking of, um, Paul Bettany, his wife, Jennifer Connolly is from the Anglia version of it.

[01:02:55] Um, the one thing we do get this is Thaddeus Ross. Um, yes, [01:03:00] the actor's name forgets. I forget. Unfortunately he does come back later on, um, excellent performance by him in this. I will say he's, he's a very believable, stubborn, stubborn jaw head. Um, uh, the fight sequences are good when they happen. Um, you know, the, the university fight is excellent.

[01:03:16] Uh, I do like that a lot, especially when you've ripped the Humvee and half to like stop the Sonic generators blasting him. That's great. Yeah. Um, Tim Brothen, this is really good, really good, very creepy. It's like this, like Marine who will do anything to get to the top kind of thing, even effecting his own body.

[01:03:35] Um, we got a tease of the leader in this that never produces itself. Unfortunately, looking back now, I would have loved to have seen the leader in a follow-up film that would have been great. Um, who knows maybe one day they seem to be revisiting a lot of stuff from phase one, um, with, you know, the TV shows and stuff.

[01:03:52] So possibly we'll see it. Um, and the Phi in Harlem is fine, but I don't really remember much about it. I just remember the couple [01:04:00] of times when they hit each other. And then that's kind of why I think he chokes him with a chain in the end and that's how he wins. Suppose, uh, it's either a, B or a.

[01:04:08] Zane: Yeah, I'm I'm in the same boat.

[01:04:10] I, um, the only thing I really liked about this is, um, it's a callback to the TV show cause my mate told me about it, but, um, when he jumps out of the helicopter and he tries to scare himself too into becoming the Hulk.

[01:04:26] GG: Oh, oh yeah. It does need to just like hit into the ground. Yeah. Oh yeah. Cause your calls back through in Thor, Ragnar road, isn't he?

[01:04:34] Yeah.

[01:04:35] Zane: Yeah. Um, apparently it happens in the TV show, but, but apparently he doesn't transform. He just,

[01:04:44] GG: oh wait, is that the end of the incredible hope? Yes. Thrown out of a

[01:04:48] Zane: plane?

[01:04:51] GG: Well, that's the end of the incredible Hoke

[01:04:55] Zane: outfit shopper. Yeah.[01:05:00]

[01:05:02] GG: Yeah. Wow. Okay. Um, I, I would say it's, I I'd say it's a C, to be honest, if I'm being brutally honest, I think it's a C I will say there's it did. It did also give us just behind the scenes. It also gave us what would be. More of a trope as well for Marvel, which is, uh, Edward Norton wanting to creatively change certain things and Marvel going, no, no, no, you can't change nothing.

[01:05:31] This is what you get. You do the lines. You say the script you've written it. Thank you. Bye bye. Um, I'm thinking of things like edit rights involvement and Ant-Man and things like that, you know, future down the line. Marvel have a habit of saying, Nope. Sorry. It's not just that obviously, uh, what's his name from, um, Dr.

[01:05:50] Strange, uh, the director of Dr. Strange left for the second one. Cause they wanted to take it in a different direction. So yeah, it's a, it's a, it's a [01:06:00] shame, but I don't know. It's an interesting thing. Cause sometimes I think that like DC has have too much, uh, creative independence to do wild, crazy stuff and they don't have that, that singular vision for where the story goes.

[01:06:13] But then on the flip of that, I also think the Marvel sometimes do that too much and they don't have those crazy out of their visions. So I don't know. I don't know much of a motion.

[01:06:22] Zane: So we got our second post, uh, credit seeing.

[01:06:25] GG: No, yes we did. We did not much to write home about this one. It was a, what was it?

[01:06:31] It was iron man. Thaddeus was talking to each other in the bar.

[01:06:35] Zane: Yeah. And you're like, wait a minute. That's the guy from the movie I saw back in may. What's he doing in this movie? I'm seeing that's

[01:06:44] GG: exactly it. I think your ordering is mixed up on this by the way. Cause four, I think is next or Ironman two is next and then thought, and then captain America, because I think captain America just before the Avengers, it is indeed.

[01:06:59] Okay, [01:07:00] cool. Uh, yeah, I mean, they were clearly setting up for like whole Buster and stuff like that, which was later on, but I mean, we, we didn't see that until age of Ultron, which we will cover later in another tier list. So we return to lovely Mr. Stark for his second outing.

[01:07:22] Zane: Oh,

[01:07:24] GG: iron man, too. What the hell happened to Ironman Tuesday

[01:07:31] Zane: and what you're talking about?

[01:07:32] So fantastic movie.

[01:07:33] GG: Okay. All right. Good. Well, clearly I'm going to have to do the digging on this one. Uh, so good things about iron man too. Um, black widow is introduced. We get Scalia handsome on screen for the first step of time. Uh, and she's got absolutely rocking hair. She looks great. The hair looks fabulous.

[01:07:49] It's on point. Um, we get, uh, uh, Don Cheadle, uh, Old roadie roadie roads, [01:08:00] cheeky road. He's running down that cheeky road. Um, yeah, we get him. Uh, he's very good. He's very, very good and continues to be good to this day. Um, pepper Potts is back, uh, Gwyneth Paltrow's buckets, pepper pots. Uh, and obviously the main man Mr.

[01:08:15] Stark is back. Um, February was also directing this and he's also in it as well. We didn't mention him in the first one, but he's happy Hogan, obviously in the first one. Um, again, they were all really, like you said, they were all really good performances. They're all solid. Um, in addition to the east, we get two new villains in this one.

[01:08:33] Oh yes. So we get, uh, soap baddie, just hammer, uh, as played by Sam Rockwell. Um, now this film, right? Well, no, actually I'll, I'll say the other villain first and then we get whiplash play by Mickey rock. Now let's get into some of the details of this film scene. So what, what makes this film [01:09:00] worth watching?

[01:09:03] Go on. I'll let you go first. There's Tuesday. I've got two things in mind. So you, you, you go first.

[01:09:10] Zane: So I would say everyone's performance in this is amped up knowing the, how well they performed and everything based on the first one. So our DJ is more RDBJ than ever in this. We get new suits. Uh, so we get the briefcase.

[01:09:31] GG: Okay. That, that is one of my reasons briefcase is one of my reasons I miss. Cause that is absolutely bad-ass and I'm so sad. They haven't used it since, but got that whole mechanism for putting it together is fantastic. Like I remember seeing that in the first trailer they did for it. And I was like, I nearly exploded out of my chair with our awesome briefcase arm.

[01:09:54] It was it's just so well done. And the animation, as it's sweeping over his body just looks [01:10:00] so good before. It's beautiful. I love it. Yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah, that was one of my reasons as well. You carry on buddy. Uh,

[01:10:09] Zane: our DJ's hilarious, you know, again, cause they have that whole comedy act between the three of them in this.

[01:10:15] Um, some Rockwell is, is a gem in this, like even though he's available. You can't help but laugh at him because he's the sub villain. So it means he's going to be a bit dumb, you know, everything's

[01:10:28] GG: going to be his fault. So Sam Rockwell was my second reason for watching this film. Not for the same reason that you did it, but because of it, we get on film in, in picture, the Sam Rockwell dance, as he comes out on stage at a stark expo, it is one of the most incredible dances.

[01:10:46] You would think that his legs it's like Chandler says in friends like about Michael Flatley, you would think his legs are not attached to his body. Incredible. They flail as if not attached to his body. [01:11:00] Um, I

[01:11:00] Zane: have to make, it's the one thing I remember from the old Charlie's angels movie, his dance. Yeah.

[01:11:07] He does a whole dance sequence in that.

[01:11:09] GG: I absolutely love it. I'm glad it was a mortalized in the MCU. Um, yeah. Thoughts on Mickey Rourke in this?

[01:11:19] Zane: I didn't mind it. I thought I kind of played up, he hammed up the role, but I liked it, you know, the whole sort of sharks and the water speech, um, him screaming and drinking,

[01:11:35] GG: the Waco

[01:11:35] Zane: die.

[01:11:37] Yeah. Um, yeah, I, I kind of, I, I didn't mind it, him being obsessed with parrots,

[01:11:45] GG: but yeah, I.

[01:11:52] I felt like he was very OneNote, this villain. I mean, this is welcome to what we're going to see from most of the villains in phase [01:12:00] one and two, the villains are very one note. It's very much a you you've done bad thing to me. I do bad thing for you that this is, this is not angry, so angry. Nothing could stop me from being angry, but by boat.

[01:12:15] Um, yes, the, the fight sequence with whiplash on the racetrack is great at when he has the iron man, uh, when he has the suitcase Alma. That's fantastic. Tell me this. What happened to the fight at the end of this film?

[01:12:34] Zane: Yeah.

[01:12:38] So I can,

[01:12:39] GG: I can tell you what happens. I remember it, but boy, God, I was swore it's a very weak fight. Um, basically whiplash. Tony gives him the advice of how to amplify the reactor arm, like the reactor power so that he can basically make another Ironman suit with whips, uh, at he does. And [01:13:00] he attacks Tony.

[01:13:01] He also attacks war machine who has been newly birthed after Rodey basically breaks into this thought compounder, next is armor, which you would think Tony would have some fail, safe speed built in to stop him from doing that, but apparently not. So, um, Anyway, uh, yeah, th the finale is that, uh, he's got them both whiplash and he's going to kill them.

[01:13:24] And the only way that they can stop being whiplashed is by using the power of their repulses together to cross the streams and create an ultimate magic. Uh, it just causes a big explosion and then stare seemingly fine. But apparently whiplash is dead

[01:13:44] Zane: because he was in the center of the explosion was

[01:13:47] GG: yeah.

[01:13:48] Cause they always say that the eye of the storm is the worst place to be.

[01:13:54] Anyway, I

[01:13:54] Zane: felt like it was a very anime sort of finish. [01:14:00] I mean, the backdrop was like a whole sort of Secura garden, wasn't it like a whole sort of like,

[01:14:05] GG: um, yeah, it was like one of those star Searles and there was like this like Japanese inspired garden. Yeah. Yeah. Um,

[01:14:12] Zane: but yeah, it felt very sort of anime to max shooting at each other.

[01:14:17] GG: Again, it was, you know, it's the trope of iron man is like w it was, who's his villains, a guy who's named after an orange. And, you know, I had people in robot suits. I was re I have to say I was really disappointed that he didn't turn out to be Crimson dynamo that's yes, that's. That's probably apart from Mandarin that is easily iron man's most recognizable.

[01:14:45] Apart from the Mandarin is the Crimson dynamo. And we've never seen him in the MCU. And it was, it just felt like such a perfect setup to modify this villain. You've had whiplash and like, okay, yeah, he's he's whiplash. And like, he's done this hokey kind of [01:15:00] whiplash armor and that's, that's, that's fine. But then the upgraded version is he becomes like, cause it's like the whole backstory is as follows as like this inventive genius who worked with Howard stark and betrayed him.

[01:15:11] And how has that betrayed him? And that's what led to, you know, uh, I even find CO's hatred for Tony stark. It would have been great if he'd had that, that genius, ingenuity, like Tony had had to create the Crimson dynamo out of the ashes of whiplash and stuff. That would have been great. But you know, it's a missed opportunity many years later.

[01:15:32] And unfortunately it seems like they missed opportunity with, uh, Mickey Rourke. Cause he hated this experience. Did he not?

[01:15:39] Zane: I did none of that.

[01:15:40] GG: Oh yeah. He, he, Hey, like the several interviews where he's basically said he would, I remember one of them, I think it was Jonathan Ross actually, uh, in the UK, um, he was interviewed in John Ross said you don't like comic book movies, do you?

[01:15:52] And he specifically said, no, I don't like Marvel comic book movies. I like DC, but I don't like Marvel. [01:16:00] Um, and he, I think he followed up and said, did you not have a good experience when you did on mountain? He was like it, they didn't use any of my stuff. They used nothing, but I was bad in the movie. It's basically a jar veto syndrome.

[01:16:13] Yeah. He, he filmed apparently loads and loads of stuff, and there's loads of backstory for the character and loads of in-depth stuff. And he read up on the comics and was super into it. And again, with Marvel and that creative direction, they decided not to use almost any of it. And he was very peeved, uh, very, very paved.

[01:16:28] So you will not see Mickey Rourke ever again in Marvel because he is, he just not want to ever go back, but you might see him at a DC movie just

[01:16:36] Zane: out of spite,

[01:16:39] GG: because of course he's, what's his face in a sin city. Isn't he marvelous Marvin sincerity as well. He is actually. Yeah, that's the thing that basically remade his career.

[01:16:47] He said being mov. Um, but yeah, he's a tough guy, man, like former boxer and everything. So

[01:16:52] Zane: like, yeah, I remember him saying like doing research for this. Like he, he really got into the whole sort of [01:17:00] Russian, I'm trying to think of what they're called the sort of rock gangsters. So that's where he came up with all the ideas of like the tattoos and stuff.

[01:17:09] Cause the tattoos are supposed to represent the story and everything else. But of course you wouldn't know that from a Disney movie about

[01:17:18] GG: yeah. Yeah. It's an interesting introduction of uh, of black widow and this is kind of like an assistant to Tony stark, but then we obviously find out later on, she was placed there by make fear.

[01:17:27] I make Nick theory by Nick fury. Um, this is also where we get that famous scene where obviously Nick fury says that. I am at, is qualified for the Avengers with Tony stark isn't um, and we get the first kind of seats. So famously in the background. It's the, it's the famous scene where Tony started leading in the donut, uh, that LA donut place.

[01:17:49] Um, we also get a map of the world and it was the first time that we'd seen a pinpoint to a condor on that map as well. Um, so it's all first pointing to that, um, loads of little bits and [01:18:00] pieces. This was when they really went over overdrive on the, on the Easter eggs. The other thing we haven't talked about that we should really talk about in this instance, when it comes to shield is that they were establishing shield a as a big time entity within the MCU.

[01:18:12] And Paulson's in this, Phil Colson is he's in iron man one and he's right at the beginning of it. Um, we have to mention him because he's the one who pretty much is the Wong of his time,

[01:18:26] Zane: links it all together. He does. He

[01:18:28] GG: does. Yeah. So he's, uh, he obviously shows up in this, I think in this one, it's when, uh, when Tony is, oh, the, the other plot of this film, because they needed more stuff going on.

[01:18:39] Tony's arc reactor that is installed in his chest to stop him from dying from the grenade blast in the first one, uh, which the shrapnel is traveling extremely slowly towards his heart. Don't know. I never understood that. I never understood why they couldn't just take it out anyway, moving on. Um, The all cracked and he's gotten there, uh, the stock [01:19:00] that is poisoning him.

[01:19:01] Cause the, the palladium that he's using is, is highly toxic. Um, so he, Tony with the help of his dad from beyond the grave, uh, invents a new element.

[01:19:17] Zane: Yes. Using the layout of a, of the expo and the park.

[01:19:22] GG: Yes. Although I'm not sure why his dad didn't just make the element for him as he'd already given him the formula where

[01:19:29] Zane: he said like he was, um, held back by his time.

[01:19:32] Wasn't he wasn't

[01:19:33] GG: it wasn't the technology was time. That's it? Yes. You're right. And who would have thought that all you needed was a laser punch of like half propped books at our captain America, half beat shields to make it so, yeah. So anyway, we get, do they ever name what the element is? I can't remember what they, what they call it.

[01:19:54] Uh, oh,

[01:19:58] Zane: well I remember him saying it tastes [01:20:00] like coconut,

[01:20:04] play it. Play Claire.

[01:20:16] Nick cage cage. It becomes demonic.

[01:20:21] GG: I apologize, guys. That was terrifying. Jesus. Um, it's a, it's a C, but I man, two, I'm sorry. It's not, it's not good enough to be up there. It's just, it's just not great.

[01:20:33] Zane: It's fine. It's just better than the whole. I'd rather watch this then the whole guy thing,

[01:20:38] GG: both of them are on the same level for me personally, but I mean, it's technically you're the lead on the shows.

[01:20:44] And so if you want to put it as a bit, you put it as a B,

[01:20:47] Zane: I'll put it here. Here's my

[01:20:49] GG: justification.

[01:20:52] If you want to do that saying, it's your show.

[01:20:59] Zane: I feel like the [01:21:00] MCU as a whole kicked off from iron man T like from here, everything else starts to come together. Like then you go into Thor, then you get captain America. Do you know what I mean? Like, it feels like the other two felt like an experiment, but this one feels like, okay, now we know where we're going and what we're doing.

[01:21:20] GG: How ironic considering the script about film. I had no idea what

[01:21:23] Zane: they were doing.

[01:21:25] GG: Yeah, I guess so. I guess I'll, you know, it is what it is. I won't argue with it, uh, for the mighty Thor directed by Kenneth Bernard. Yeah. Thoughts on four. So know I've done a lot of talking tonight. U D. Uh,

[01:21:43] Zane: I was surprisingly surprisingly challenged by this movie.

[01:21:49] Um, because dare I say, like Thor is a tricky sort of property to kind of handle, um, and especially to kind of [01:22:00] get across in a movie where you're like, so, you know, those Norse mythology and stuff like that, it's kind of real in this comic book universe, um, in a weird Spacey way, but we're going to run with it.

[01:22:13] Let's let's run with it. So they take her full in on this. So they do kind of play up to the sort of tropes everyone's got Queens English to a degree. Um, Thor's eyebrows are dyed blonde.

[01:22:30] GG: Yeah. Those eyebrows, the eyebrows are a problem in this one. But apart from that, um, let's, uh, let's just take a minute to recognize this cast listing, uh, because sweet Jesus, this cost listing is incredible.

[01:22:45] Um, so obviously you've got Chris Hemsworth as Thor. I don't think there was, I don't think alive today. I don't think there's any greater representation of what a comic book character looks like. Fan Chris Hemsworth is Thor. He is literally Thor. Um, [01:23:00] Anthony Hopkins is Odin like that was.

[01:23:03] Zane: That was crazy.

[01:23:04] GG: Um, crazy.

[01:23:05] Like Natalie Portman has Jane Foster, uh, you know, like you've already got two Oscar winners there. You've got Natalie Portman and you've got, uh, Antioch is, uh, Tom Hiddleston is low key. We'll come back to that. Uh, seven stars Stellan Skarsgard as Eric. Selvig amazing. Like he's incredible Idris Elba as Heimdall, um, Ray Stevenson as VoltStack Rene Russo, as Fregger like, you've got some really, really huge names here.

[01:23:38] Like huge, huge names. I'm assuming they were attracted and because of Kenneth Bronner, um, yeah. Going back to what I was just talking about Tom Hiddleston as Loki, um, we covered Loki last year on the podcast. Um, he was, or [01:24:00] he is easily, probably easily the most enduring villain in the MCU, probably with the exception of Thanos, maybe like, yeah.

[01:24:09] Unbelievable casting like Tom Hiddleston, considering he auditioned to be Thor in this and there's auditioned footage out there of him trying to be Thor. It's very funny guys. Just go and watch it. Uh he's he's he puts his all into it, you know, but God, he was born to be low-key man. He's so good as low-key he such a snuffling little shit, you know?

[01:24:31] Um, and it's incredible. Uh, and it's, it's a Testament to Kenneth Brown is casting. That Hemsworth is still for yeah. Tom Hiddleston is still low-key even after dying. He still low-key. Um, and there are amazing, uh, like this film is really fun. It's really, really fun. It's really, really sweet. Um, I really enjoy this film a lot, like you said, it's, it's not, again, it's not a [01:25:00] reinvention of the wheel.

[01:25:01] Like it's not going to change anything in the long run. It does do a couple of really big deal things though. Um, first of all, uh, agent Colson threading the needle again, um, and bringing us a Hawkeye because, um, at the end of iron man too, uh, it's revealed that fours hammer has landed in the New Mexico, New Mexico.

[01:25:23] Thank you, uh, in the desert in New Mexico and obviously shield have set up camp around it. Um, and Hawkeye is guarding the, uh, the, the hammer. I'm sorry, Jeremy Renner's introduction as Hawkeye is completely blink and you'll miss it. Um, which I think is completely ironic considering like, again, it's another unbelievably endearing character, but it's still going today.

[01:25:51] Yeah, that's true. I mean, I mentioned this in the Hawkeye, um, uh, show, uh, like review that we did [01:26:00] Marvel have a big problem now because their casting was so good in phase one. I mean, the casting is incorrect with the exception of Edward Norton. Their casting is incredible. And like all of the people that we've talked about in the iron man movies, and now in Thor, they're all still in some form in the MCU today.

[01:26:20] If they haven't died, some of them, even if they did. Um, yeah, it's it, it's great. I mean, this, this film, so basically they, they go into the, what do they do? Uh, the thought loses. It gets, it gets overconfident and he loses his power. That's basically what it is. And then low-key takes advantage. Cause low-key always wants to throw in a basket, uh, in the early days, uh, and Thor learns what it is to become humble and a nice man and in love with Natalie Portman, because how could you not fall in love with Natalie Portman?

[01:26:54] Um, and then, uh, started speaking personally and, [01:27:00] uh, and then we get the destroyer armor. Um, which is a cool little thing to see, I call it on nods to the, uh, the comics, because it's kind of a, it was one of the big stories in the comic books is when Loki takes over the destroyer armor. Um, the one thing I will say about this film, it does lack quite a lot of action.

[01:27:18] Do you think? Yes, I definitely do think I can think of two, two action sequences in this, that destroy a flight that I just mentioned, and which also ties into the, uh, Ascot, like when Loki lets the frustrations in. Cause it's all part of the same sequence and the bit at the beginning when they fight all the frustrations.

[01:27:42] Yeah. That's it. Can you name me another action sequence? And if you're going to say Hawkeye shooting him in the shoulder, I don't count,

[01:27:54] Zane: but him attacking the base isn't action sequence. Like he does fight hand-to-hand it's not [01:28:00] flashy compared to the first and last, but yeah, no. Yeah. Yeah.

[01:28:07] GG: The golden are in a fist fight is a, is a good action sequence for you.

[01:28:11] Okay. I'll give you that. All right. Um, let's just go through some of the other stuff we've got here. So, uh, Jamie Alexander is SIF thoughts on SIF. Lovely SIF.

[01:28:22] Zane: Yeah. Great. I mean, to be fair, the uh, oh God, I can't think of their names now. It's not the furious.

[01:28:31] GG: Uh, the, the warriors three, the warriors

[01:28:33] Zane: three ladies,

[01:28:36] GG: a fun draw Hogan, full stag.

[01:28:42] I can never say his name. Yeah. I

[01:28:45] Zane: think that they're great in this. It's fun to see them in there. Um, they kind of, I guess, in a weird way, this really does play up to the whole idea that, you know, it's north mythology and [01:29:00] everything else again, like, you know, a bit like Aqua mandate, it went full in, on the Aquaman side of things.

[01:29:06] Like it didn't shy away from it and that's really cool with this cause, but it also makes it really kooky. So the fact like they turn up and they're like, without you all, you must come back home. Like, do you know what I mean? It's I, I'm

[01:29:17] GG: still to this day hoping that I'm in love and thunder, we all know it's not going to, but I, I love Ray Stevenson.

[01:29:25] Um, so full-stack Ray Stevenson. So for those of you who don't know, Ray Stevenson is a, it's an English actor. He's been in lots of things. Um, he is, uh, he was in one of the Punisher movies. So he was in punish a war zone. Um, he's been in loads of stuff like three months, three Musketeers. Yes. He was in the three Musketeers.

[01:29:46] Um, gosh, he's in, uh, oh my God. Loads of stuff. He's in Vikings as well. He's also in, um, uh, Black sales, he's black beard and black sails. And he's credible in that. Yes, unbelievably good at that. [01:30:00] Um, he's also one of the, in one of the seasons of decks that he's the serial killer index there. And he's amazing at that as well, uh, in one of the worst seasons of the accident, but he's the best thing about it.

[01:30:09] So, um, but I really wanted them to do once the matter, like the multi-verse happened. Sorry. Um, I really wanted in, there's a, there's a, a run that's quite famous now where. Basically when the ultimate universe dies in the comics, uh, the, the hammer of Thor from that universe makes its way into the mainstream universe.

[01:30:33] Um, and, uh, voles stag is the one who gets it and he becomes the war Thor. Um, and I really wanted them to do that with, for love and like, imagine how good that would be like Ray Stevens and rocket up as the war for, I thought that would have been awesome, especially as we know, the Jane Foster is going to be for this as well.

[01:30:56] Like I thought it just would've been so cool, but anyway, they, they [01:31:00] won't do it. They won't do it. Cowards, cowards, Marvel. Um, yeah. Uh, obviously this film focuses a lot around the dynamic between Loki and Thor and their relationship, which we would see developed over the dark world and then Ragnar rock and beyond.

[01:31:15] Um, it's, it's that the chemistry between Hemsworth and Hiddleston remains to this day. Incredible. I love it. I don't think there's anyone who watched low key. I didn't want them to have a re uh, like be reunited, uh, at some point, uh, especially after you meet the rich D grant version of low-key way. He's like I miss my brother.

[01:31:35] Like, it's just, it's just beautiful. Um, I I'll put this as a, B, I was gonna put it as a, B easily before you put Ironman to their. Because you've really messed up the system now. Uh, I think it's a, B, I don't think it's as good as Ironman, but I think it's, it's really good.

[01:31:56] Zane: Um, I'll tell you what, let's have a quick fact check.

[01:31:59] So this [01:32:00] is a seven out of 10 on internet movie database. Let's see why,

[01:32:05] GG: let me put it this way, right? Why haven't you put this movie as captain? America's going to go right next to it. Cause like captain America is better than this.

[01:32:14] Zane: So I eman too was a 6.9.

[01:32:18] GG: Yeah. Uh, yeah. Cause it's not as good.

[01:32:22] Zane: And Hulk was a 6.6.

[01:32:27] GG: That's why I'm saying Ironman two should be a city iron man. Two should not be a B. Okay. I'm not saying we shouldn't be skewed by other people's opinions. I just personally think that that's the way it should work because I'm going to, I want, I want basically I've already know, like the next one's going to be an a for me personally, I I've watched first venture again recently.

[01:32:49] So if you, if you feel like the thought from a personal standpoint deserves to be an a, put it as an a that's fine. I personally think it deserves to be a B. It doesn't, I don't think you get any [01:33:00] kind of real highlights of what Thor's capable of. If the dark world was on here, that would be a C and then rock the rock would be an ass.

[01:33:08] You know what I mean? It's like easy to tear that. Like, it's really easy to tear that it's really good at establishing Thor and it's really good at establishing the relationships. It just doesn't do anything special or new with it. And I'm just kind of like, okay, fine. But it

[01:33:21] Zane: does a great job. But like you said, the, the rest of the sort of universe side of things, like the whole idea that Han Heimdall stands there, hometown

[01:33:32] GG: hideout Heimdall interes

[01:33:36] Zane: yeah.

[01:33:38] GG: Uh, Alberta

[01:33:42] Zane: stands there all day watching the universe and stuff, I think. Yeah. I think, I think he

[01:33:47] GG: does not get enough to do the intro. So this is one of his main gripes. That's why he was really annoyed by being in the MCU until Ragnarok. Cause he just didn't get enough to do. Um, anyway. Yeah. It's always fun.

[01:33:58] It's always a fun movie. I just don't think [01:34:00] it's like, I don't think it, it doesn't stand up as well as the next movie or iron man. Um, so the next movies, the first adventure, uh, captain America, the Fest dementia. I have a big love for, um, films set in world war two, um, to a certain degree like Inglorious bastards, for example, um, I mean, what is that to say?

[01:34:25] We kind of all know the origin of Cathy gets a super soldier serum and he gets big hefty heaving. Mantids

[01:34:35] Zane: that's pretty much it, right?

[01:34:37] GG: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

[01:34:41] Zane: Hey, and we all love it for it.

[01:34:45] GG: Yeah, exactly. Nothing quite like it, you know, there's a bit in the movie where, um, so when that happens, when that scene happens, where he gets transformed from a baby, Steve Rogers into, into big muscle, [01:35:00] it's a bit where Haley up walks up to him.

[01:35:02] Um, Peggy Carter walks up and she checks if he's okay. And the first thing she does is just put a handout as if like, and apparently she reveals an interview that the reason why she did that was because she hadn't seen him without his top off. And that was the first time she'd ever seen it. And she just wanted to give his packs of squeeze.

[01:35:23] Zane: So she went to reach

[01:35:25] GG: for, but didn't realize they were filming. Cause she just got hit the

[01:35:27] Zane: ties by his backs.

[01:35:31] GG: I like that a lot. I love that story. Uh, what is the story of captain America? The first Avenger, it's

[01:35:37] Zane: about a mine from Brooklyn. Who's down on his luck and town on a good bald. And he, he wants to be a good boy for America.

[01:35:49] And they say, Hey, you've got some guts. You jumped on a fake grenade that Tommy Lee Jones threw at you.[01:36:00]

[01:36:03] GG: So yes, it's during it's during world war two, when people were, uh, consigned into the army and they want that, and they were asked to volunteer and sign up, uh, and lots of people were worried about going to war. Steve Rogers wants to fight for his country and do what was right to stop the Nazi threat. Uh, but unfortunately, because Steve Rogers had tiny little body and he wasn't pretty healthy, he could not go, he could not be sent to war because he was too sickly.

[01:36:31] Um, until, uh, a scientist whose name now escapes my mind. Oh my God. The best actor in the world. Oh, the, the big, bad Touche

[01:36:45] Zane: we in this household have a small fixation on Stanley too shitty. Yeah. The big,

[01:36:52] GG: the big teach, the big, bad to chance to teach. Um, oh God, what was his name?

[01:36:59] Zane: We [01:37:00] watch transformers skiing,

[01:37:03] GG: Abrahamic ski.

[01:37:04] And that was it. Dr. Risky? Yes. Sorry, go on. You watch what we watch

[01:37:08] Zane: transformers. I think it's revenge. Something just for Stanley Tucci.

[01:37:13] GG: There'll be no two cheese in dark side of the moon. The third one.

[01:37:18] Zane: Yeah. China.

[01:37:21] GG: Yeah. Well, dark of the movement. I think it has the pink Floyd album. I can't remember transformers, generic, title three.

[01:37:30] Zane: There we go. That's what it is. Something, something,

[01:37:33] GG: something, something dark side. Um, anyway, going back, going back to going back to captain America. Yes. He gets transcribed by a scheme to try a special formula, special secret formula that will make him a soldier. It's almost a secret soldier. Super soldier formula.

[01:37:57] Yeah. [01:38:00] Um, yeah. So when you're he takes, he takes the serum and he gets turned into captain America and then Nazi spice. Stop him, uh, whilst that's happening. Uh, the red skull played by who go a weaving of agent Smith. Fame has found the Tesseract cosmic cube of power, which at that time we did not know how the, uh, space stone inside it.

[01:38:25] Um, we just knew it as the cosmic cube because red skull's always obsessed with the cosmic cube and the books. He loves this cute boys. He absolutely adores them. He likes to hold. Uh, you are leaving us. That's a little known fact that you go weaving, loves, uh, unlimited, uh, space power in the form of a cosmic cube.

[01:38:46] That's how he's managed to perfect the way he says the word destroy. Cause he says it exactly the same in every film. He said, we must destroy Neo.

[01:38:56] Zane: We must destroy the rig. We

[01:38:58] GG: must destroy kept to the [01:39:00] broken. Thanks. Thanks. You grow the

[01:39:03] Zane: all spark. That's another cosmic square.

[01:39:07] GG: And again so that works

[01:39:12] Zane: so many.

[01:39:14] GG: The only time that Hugo weaving was in something where it wasn't a, it wasn't a cube was when it was a ring and that was when he didn't want to hold it. He didn't want to go anywhere near it. He was like, no, keep that ring away from me. That's the wrong shape. Yeah, exactly. Even the, even the matrix is like a grid.

[01:39:35] Zane: I think it

[01:39:36] GG: was, it was saying welcome to undisputed worth. The spirit knows where we refer to Hugo weaving as that square. You go

[01:39:44] Zane: weaving the obsessed

[01:39:52] GG: every time that we brag about Eddie Todd, he comes up to the conversation, famous cube, obsessed actor. [01:40:00] Anyway. Uh, so yes, moving on. Uh, so what else happens in this. So, uh, tell me me Jones is a generic Colonel number two, uh, who puts a Steve Rogers through boot camp. But, uh, the fortunately for Steve Rogers, he's got help in boot camp and he's got helped by the lovely, lovely Haley out well, who plays Peggy Carter again, still playing pecky Carter to this day, um, was just in water as Peggy Carter.

[01:40:31] Um, so yeah, the cosmic cube has been grabbed by a red skull who was using its enormous power to create, not see ultra weapons through Hydrus right hand. Um, and that's that grand scheme is basically going to win the war with these Nazi ultra super cosmic cube weapons. Um, and captain America, uh, becomes a poster boy for the war so much so that he starts to sell [01:41:00] insurance, uh, before realizing he's got to do his duty for his country.

[01:41:04] When his pal, Bucky Barnes played by Sebastian Stan who still plays Bucky Barnes to this day, uh, goes missing, uh, and the ESCO and rescue. So let's, let's try and kind of break this down a little bit. First of all, uh, Zane thoughts on Chris Evans as captain America, after his hot shot performance, as the human torch, see what I did there.

[01:41:26] Zane: I see what you did there. Um, it's crazy that this casting, I was kind of like, wow, like, Hey, if someone. The multiple superhero movies, because not only has he done the human torch, but he was in losers, DCS losers.

[01:41:40] GG: He was, um, and Scott Pilgrim and Scott Pilgrim. Yeah. Got down to, I think yes. Or three, two or three.

[01:41:51] No, no. Three is Brandon wrath. He's to the boyfriend number two.

[01:41:55] Zane: Um, yeah, sorry. I just remember that. Cause he's called like [01:42:00] Luke something, his knee, the skateboarder hits Mac GS grinding, the rail

[01:42:10] stunt men get him coffee. He's like thanks to a guy who have ridiculous chin beard.

[01:42:21] Yeah. It's, it's crazy to think. Like I think at first people were skeptical, um, of him being kept cause capsule is the scene as the super patriotic sort of guy, but yeah. And Chris Evans was dare I say, quite young as well. Um, so it was kind of weird sort of thing to kind of imagine this. Cause he's always played these

[01:42:46] GG: cookie roles as me.

[01:42:48] Playboy basically is what he was at that time, because you know his life as well. He's, he's, he's famously dated some of those beautiful women in the world. And a thought he is, I think he didn't eat the, um, [01:43:00] Jessica Biel as well before she married, uh, Justin Timberlake and stuff he's out men. Um, so yeah, I know it did come as a bit of a shock to have him as captain America, but my God almighty, did they get that right?

[01:43:14] Like, yeah, I'm going

[01:43:19] Zane: just the perfect embodiment, uh, really of like the way he performs, the way he carries the character and everything else, because there was so much against them and he really knocked out of the park.

[01:43:31] GG: The thing about captain America is it's very, it's, it's a character that is very easy to become over shadowed by the cheesiness in nature of how patriotic he is.

[01:43:42] And yeah, he represents America and freedom and allow that kind of stuff. But the core element of captain America is just the inherent goodness and, uh, you know, like righteous kind of justice, almost that he feels he has to bring. Um, but he [01:44:00] has to do the right thing. It doesn't matter. It's just imprinted on his soul to do the right thing kind of thing.

[01:44:05] Um, and you need to have somebody that is both, uh, it can come across quite easily as like he could probably kick your ass, but also. Very earnest and very like, you know, like humbly like sincere when he's, you know, delivering lines about, you know, what's the right thing to do and what isn't the right thing to do.

[01:44:27] And, you know, and Chris Evans is really, really good at doing that. And he's always been really good to doing that. It, there is a reason why, you know, like 10 plus years of the MCU, winter soldier is still my favorite MCU movie. I think just no way. Home is very, very, very close to being very, very close. But winter soldier was just, I mean, it's everything I love about a modern movie, which I know we're not talking about right now.

[01:44:55] So I'll save that for the phase two thing. Um, but though he was he's [01:45:00] perfect casting. I think the only, as far as costings, because the only thing that kind of lets this down a little bit is, is Hugo weaving. Unfortunately, I think he, he wasn't great casting as the red SCO. Um, I think he was just a big name that they attached.

[01:45:13] And again, it's the problem with the phase one, villains that just very one note apart from Loki, Loki's the only one that isn't. Very OneNote. And it's very kind of like, I'm going to get this thing and I'm going to destroy everyone because I'm so full of

[01:45:32] Zane: blue beam in the sky.

[01:45:37] GG: Yeah. It's just kind of like, I dunno, he just felt very front of the week. Um, other notable mentions in this, we've got Toby Jones as Arnhem Zola. Um, it has the best introduction of a character ever, which is the first shot you get with him. His face is being like projected through this like weird mirror thing, but it's like, he's looking for at the time.

[01:45:58] And everyone was just like, ah, [01:46:00] cause he turns it to a robot, the book, that's what it looked like. Um, I love that. We've also got Dominic Cooper as Howard stark. Uh, who is Tony's dad? Um, I think standouts for me in this were obviously Chris Evans. Uh, Peggy Carter, Haley was incredible in this. Um, Sebastian Stan makes a good, a good mark as Bucky.

[01:46:20] He doesn't really get much to do in this one, I will say, um, he doesn't really come into his own until the sequel. Um, we get the, uh, excuse me. Um, we get dumped on Dougan and the, um, squats that I've forgotten, what the name is. Well, it's the baby squat. How far the hell was it? How links, how linked condos?

[01:46:42] The thing. Yes, the howling commandos. That's the one. Yes. Uh, we get them in this, which is great to see. I'm surprised we to sneak them dumb do can come back. Cause he's famously a member of shield in the books and he does come back quite a few times. So I'm surprised that they never got Neil McDonald back.

[01:46:58] Cause he's, uh, he's another great [01:47:00] actor. Um, I

[01:47:01] Zane: know, um, they got one of them back to be the headmaster in Spider-Man school. Yeah, it's a, it's a mini Easter egg because he has a photo of his grandfather who he obviously played us as the commando. Yeah.

[01:47:22] GG: I'm going to have to go and look that up afterwards. I did not know that.

[01:47:24] That's amazing. There you go. You didn't hear it here. First guys.

[01:47:31] Zane: I was just having a quick look. Um, this also came out the same year as Thor. Thor came out in 28 years. Yeah, 2011, uh, 27th of April here in the UK. And then captain America came out on the 29th of July in the UK,

[01:47:49] GG: but also the

[01:47:50] Zane: side. Uh, no in, uh, in the U S.

[01:47:55] When

[01:47:55] GG: did it come back? Cause you said UK twice though. Yeah. They

[01:47:59] Zane: Google only [01:48:00] tell me UK. Cause I'm based on that. Okay.

[01:48:02] GG: Um, yeah, I, um, I mean it's where you place it. Like the action sequences in this are amazing. Like they are really good. Uh, I love them, especially the, the fight at the end on the plane is really iconic and him saying goodbye to Peggy.

[01:48:21] Oh my God. That like crushed me. Yeah. Um, and then the, uh, the, the after credits is obviously kept waking up in the middle of the day, love the after credits in there where he's in his hotel room and he, or like the sort of the hospital bed and it's all dressed like 1945, but then he slowly realizes it's not 1945 because the baseball game is different from what cause he was there.

[01:48:49] Um, and, uh, and then he gets introduced to Nick fury because he runs out into times square and it's all kind of like crazy. What was the east Reagan Thor? What was the after credit scene and Thor? [01:49:00]

[01:49:01] Zane: Uh, T T T T

[01:49:03] GG: to I remember he isn't, it isn't it low-key still alive pretending to be stolen stars. God.

[01:49:14] Um, it is, it is because he's looking at the Tesla. And it, so he says like, oh, that's very interesting. Let's have a look. And then it, like, it's in a mirror. It's actually low-key which in hindsight doesn't make any

[01:49:27] Zane: sense. Yeah. Cause she would bring him in don't look at

[01:49:31] GG: the tests. I'm assuming that they just, they wrecked con Loki out of that to be like, it was just, it was just Eric Selvig who was looking at the, the test.

[01:49:39] Right. It was naturally low-key unless Loki was just watching him. Cause he knew what was going to happen. I dunno. Yes, exactly. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Um, um, so, uh, captain America gets an a please. Yeah.[01:50:00]

[01:50:03] All right. This one's easy. It's a mess.

[01:50:06] Zane: Sorry. I just remember it. My parents really love captain America and the commentary they always give, which makes me laugh is when they put, shall we call him baby Steve in the chamber? Yes. And they give him all the generations. My parents always like, but what are they doing to him?

[01:50:25] He's such a nice boy.

[01:50:30] They always makes me laugh. And then obviously it opens up and he's like buff and they're like,

[01:50:40] all right, try to see if that film I'm on a tangent. Now, Travis of that film, uh, Richard. Armitage isn't this as like a Nazi spy, number one.

[01:50:50] GG: Yeah, it was his face. Krueger. Yeah. He's the one who busts up the laboratory and kills a skeet. Isn't it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. [01:51:00] Wasted. Yeah,

[01:51:01] Zane: exactly

[01:51:02] GG: wasted. Yeah. Did he come back as anything?

[01:51:04] What else did he come back in? I don't think he's been eating the Hobbit. Isn't he? Yeah. How's he been in? I was in the east. Oh, he's in the, uh, okay. I'm just going to look now he's in the podcast series of Wolverine.

[01:51:20] Zane: Oh yeah. I think he's, um, he did some voice acting as Wolverine for their audio books or something.

[01:51:26] GG: Yes. They're amazing. By the way, have you ever listened to them? No, I haven't, but they are fantastic. The Wolverine ones I've listened to the Wolverine ones. I haven't listened to any of the ones after that because I know they've done like old man Star-Lord and old man Logan order, but yeah, Wolverine, the lost trail is amazing.

[01:51:43] Those audio books. They are great. If you haven't, if you're into podcasts guys and you like story-driven narratives, listen to a Wolverine, the lost trail is incredible. Those audio books they're so well done.

[01:51:57] Zane: I know it's been successful enough for [01:52:00] DC to do their version. Have you seen those? No, I haven't seen it's.

[01:52:05] Um, Uh, you know, the guy who pleases 'em in buck, who in a black

[01:52:12] GG: pamper. Yes. Uh, name though. He's playing

[01:52:16] Zane: as Batman in the

[01:52:19] GG: audience. Wow. That's great. He's got a great voice. That's good. Um, cool. Anyway, sorry. Yeah. Tangent, uh, yeah, Avengers. So it was, uh, at that time, four years in the making, um, culmination of the beginning of phase, one of the MCU, um, what did you think of it saying?

[01:52:38] Zane: Uh, I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I was surprised it was going to happen. Um, again, I didn't feel like it was going to happen until Ironman two. I was like, okay, actually are building to something. This is tangible now.

[01:52:54] GG: And then, oh, that'd be, they knew that. Did they really, until I meant to, I forgot to like [01:53:00] until incredible hope was successful.

[01:53:01] And then I, man, two was successful. I don't think they really knew, well, they didn't even know. They just set it up that day. So, yeah. Yeah.

[01:53:08] Zane: Yeah. I think once, well, again, like Thor and captain America seemed like safe bet. So then at that point, um, they

[01:53:18] GG: had the vendors, were they. I don't think you can. I don't, I honestly don't think you can say that four and captain America was safe fats for them.

[01:53:27] I really don't after iron man. And I, because the hope was a pre-existing thing that they'd already tested the waters with with Anglee and it had not gone well. And so the fact that incredible hope didn't do great, but it did. Okay. Iron man doing very well is probably what spurred this whole thing on to be perfectly blunt.

[01:53:43] And I don't think they could have counted the success of Thor and captain America, because they were beatless characters very much so as far as that's concerned, um, I often I'm surprised when I think back at this film, the fact that it is basically a film of two parts, there's literally only two parts to [01:54:00] it.

[01:54:00] There's the bit where they're on the heli carrier. And that's the bit when they're in New York, that is it. And this whole film is great. It's it's fantastic. Um, so let's go into it a little bit. Low key is back. Uh, they needed a villain big enough to take on the Avengers and of course, Hiddleston, the sexy small was the one to do it.

[01:54:24] So he's back, baby. Uh, he's come charged with the mission of capturing the Tesseract. Mm. He wants that space, power baby. And how is he, how he come back to get the test Tesseract? He's got a big old staff and this stuff so big. It can affect people's minds, baby. Whoa. So what does he do? He takes over the mind of an old man who was looking at the test, arrived.

[01:54:51] Boom. And he gets Hawkeye as well. Um, yeah, so the, the whole, the whole thing starts where basically you get the classic [01:55:00] recruitment, let's say classic. Hadn't been done really before that time, but you get the scene where they recruit, um, all of the Avengers. Yup. Excuse me. And bring them all together. Um, and uh, well I say all the Avengers, it's basically cap iron mountain black widow.

[01:55:18] And who else? Ana bandana. Oh,

[01:55:28] um, yeah. And then, uh, I don't, I, I kind of find it weird that Ironman basically takes out low key with a punch, but I guess he deliberately wants to get captured to me. That's the, that's the. And then four turns up and then yeah, it gets to the heli carrier. And there's a nice, big, long scene with all the superheroes interacting, which we haven't really properly seen on screen before.

[01:55:54] So it was all kind of like, oh, we've got cap mingling with Ironman. [01:56:00] Um, and then the master plan has revealed that, uh, he plans on annoying banner with his staff and making a whole come out and then hope girls come out and I know all hell breaks loose. Um, and then there's a lovely fight sequence between Thor and Hulk, which I still love.

[01:56:21] Um, I, uh, I'm running through it very quickly because, you know, it's, it is, it is fairly, it's a lot of big, big, basically this film is all quips and fights. That is essentially what this film is. Yeah. Um, you know, once the head of carrier pies over, we get the battle of New York, which is still referenced to this day in modern.

[01:56:43] And, um, it's the Qatari invasion, um, where all the Avengers bound together to, uh, take out the invading alien hordes. Um, and I think this film more than anything was the first film that we actually saw, how [01:57:00] cool superhero action sequences could properly be. Man, some of the stuff, and this is incredible. My personal favorite part, as far as actions concerned in this film is when a thought travels to the top of the Chrysler building and uses it as an enlightened road and fires, just a metric ton of lightning.

[01:57:22] One of the portals, everyone loves the whole punch, where banner tells us everyone he's always angry, but that fit with thought for me, it's just, that was the bit with the Sidwell. I was like, you know, there's always that one bit where like, somebody is just got it, like with eyes. Amazing.

[01:57:40] Zane: I really liked the sequence where the camera just follows the action if you know what I mean?

[01:57:46] So it goes from like, I think I am, Ann's fighting in the ad and it goes to Hawkeye shooting and then it cuts to like both Thor and hope on top of one of the whales

[01:57:57] GG: inspires Kate Bishop. I think it's that bit, isn't it? [01:58:00]

[01:58:01] Zane: Uh, there is the sequence where he falls off and I think that's supposed to be the inspiration cause it has like a halo light sort of thing moment.

[01:58:09] Isn't it. Um, but yeah, it's, I really liked that sequence because any sort of superhero team we've seen before, like X-Men, you've never had that continuous shot before. It's always been like, they split off into group and they tackle them on one by one, you know, sort of thing, even though a super hero

[01:58:28] GG: team.

[01:58:28] Absolutely. There's a couple of things that we want to kind of address on first. So. We won't go. We're not going to go into the, uh, just Wieden controversy stuff. That's going on at the moment with everything, with, from justice league and all that kind of stuff. There's enough things out there. If you want to read about it, guys.

[01:58:44] Um, we're not going to comment on it. Um, he directed this one, um, I will say whatever you feel about the guy personally, he did do a very good job directing this film, um, and it an excellent film. Um, a couple of other bits of noteworthy pieces on this, [01:59:00] uh, it's ruffle his first time as a Hulk. Um, and my God, does he knock it out of the park?

[01:59:05] And like, I, it's one of those situations where it's shocking because Eric Bana obviously was the whole Kenang Lee version. We had had incredible Hulk. I can't picture anyone else's Bruce banner anymore. Apart from microflow, he's encapsulated the role so perfectly. And I think it was a big deal with the fact that he was both Hulk and Bruce banner, like all the mo-cap and all the facial animations for Holt is mark refollow like Hulk is mark refollow now.

[01:59:34] And it worked so well in this. So, so well, and he's just really earnest and honest and sweet as well. And it's like, you sympathize with the guy for like, especially like the bit when he falls out the sky and then lands in the top of the warehouse and he's not going to pants on and he has to forward them off the janitor.

[01:59:51] And then he turns up on that dodgy scooter, like, oh, I just want to hug you. You poor man.

[01:59:59] Zane: It's [02:00:00] weird. Like. Um, impactful. He was in that role without a movie, like you said, there's been like two whole movies beforehand where we've seen other actors, you know, try and dare I say fail. And he's had like, dare I say a minor role.

[02:00:19] And he absolutely became a, not like hand-in-hand with the role now.

[02:00:25] GG: Yeah. You still hold to this day. I mean, everyone in phase one, there are still that characters are still frequent in the MCU. Like, as I've said before, and I will say again, those core six of the Avengers that they hired the casting. I don't think you could have done it any better.

[02:00:44] Looking back on it. I mean, it depends on what kind of whole car you wanted. Like, if you want a less, um, military strict Hawkeye and it more of a jokey Matt fraction version of Hawkeye, then yeah. You probably could have got someone other than Jeremy run it, but for the type of guy they wanted to portray, he's [02:01:00] perfect.

[02:01:00] Like, he's just great. And it's like, I, I have so much nostalgia for these heroes now watching this film, um, You know, obviously the errors stave the day and that stopped low-key. Um, we get, you know, puny God moment where hoax, smashes the hell out of loci, which is amazing. Um, we get the introduction of the mark six arm, or I think where he goes back to his old it's like we get the thing where Tony jumps out into the sky and the armor like attaches onto it whilst he's in the air, which is pretty awesome.

[02:01:32] Um, so many good sequences. Um, but I mean, I think the thing that sticks with most people after this film is it is the first introduction of the match tightened fan offs. That's

[02:01:46] Zane: very true. Yeah.

[02:01:47] GG: Yeah. Post credit sequence literally sets up in 2012. The story that would culminate in 20 20, 20. Yeah, [02:02:00] no, 20 19 20 19.

[02:02:01] Sorry, my bad just before

[02:02:06] it was, it was just before the pandemic. I'm pretty sure you've gone quiet.

[02:02:13] Zane: What you count in infinity war or

[02:02:15] GG: the end game. Cause then games were it's defeated.

[02:02:20] Zane: That makes sense. Cause I think infinity war 2018.

[02:02:23] GG: Yeah. Eventually the end game is 2019.

[02:02:26] Zane: Cool. Yeah. Yes.

[02:02:29] GG: Um, yeah, so. I mean, I don't know what else to say really about the Avengers.

[02:02:37] It's just a great film. And it's just really fun question for you on this one though, saying, um, do you need to have seen all the phase one in order to have seen the Avengers?

[02:02:48] Zane: Ooh,

[02:02:53] GG: I guess this is the thing we often forget when we look back on stuff. So I, you know, I, I did a test, so you and I both know that my wife is, [02:03:00] um, she's a normie. She doesn't like, she doesn't like notes stuff. Now. I, I thought it would be incredible. So, uh, one of my favorite film franchises of all time is the Terminator.

[02:03:12] Yeah, it is. I can still watch it to this day and it's still, I love that the first one is incredible with as T2. I thought it'd be amazing. Cause I knew going into T2 that Arnie was the good guy. Yeah. I think for a lot of people in the cinema audience, they were really shocked at the time that Arnie was actually the good guy now.

[02:03:32] So my wife had never seen any of the Terminator franchise. She didn't know anything about it. So I thought, I wonder how like shocked she'll be going in after watching the first one. How much of a boss steward? Uh, Arnie is and the first one. And then it turns out that he's a good guy in the second one. I wonder if she'll be like genuinely shocked and stuff and it turned out that.

[02:03:54] She preferred the first one I weirdly I know it's weird. Right. Um, [02:04:00] but with this one, with, with Marvel, this is the thing in hindsight where I'm like chronologically speaking, do you have to have watched all of these films in order to watch the Avengers? Or can you miss out on an incredible hope? Can you miss out on iron man to do you need to really watch these things?

[02:04:19] And that's that? I think that that definitely changed the conversation when it comes to modern cinema and how it's consumed, because I don't remember having the conversation beforehand of saying properly. Anyway, do I need to have seen these five films in order to see this one movie?

[02:04:36] Zane: Yeah, I know what you mean.

[02:04:37] Like a couple of years ago, I would never have heard anyone say, do I need to see pirates of the Caribbean to turn just the hands?

[02:04:47] GG: Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Like nobody nobody would say, do I need to see like Batman forever before I see Batman begins? You know what I mean? You know what I mean? So, [02:05:00] yeah, they definitely introduced this chronological ordering of films.

[02:05:03] And it's an argument to say whether or not you do need to have these or not altogether, but I mean, this is the birth of modern comic book cinema. It really is because this was the template for what, every single MCU movie and every single. Comic books, successful comic book franchise wants to try and mimic sense.

[02:05:22] And you know, nobody's got it as got as, as good as Marvel, like as far as like, I am willing to admit that creativity is something that is not necessarily as, as fervent in the MCU as it should be, but also they are sticking to a blueprint that they have worked out in their mind and that it's working for them

[02:05:45] Zane: again.

[02:05:45] We've mentioned it earlier on podcasts, but there's been so many attempts at mimicking this DCU. There's been a, the dark universe there's been, there's been,

[02:05:58] GG: uh, at least the trend from that as an [02:06:00] example,

[02:06:00] Zane: but there's been, there's been so many that I've tried and have failed to mimic the same magic. Um, but that's all I was kind of alluded to is that they built this city and they built on rock and roll.

[02:06:17] GG: Did that come from a yes, you're not wrong. I mean, look at, look at horror franchises and stuff like that, that trying to do that as well. Now they're trying to interlink, uh, situations, I guess. Yeah. You know, I, I. It's the same with kind of television and stuff like that. But they look at things like, uh, it was marble again, but the defenders and stuff like that, that they interlink it altogether now.

[02:06:41] Um, everything has its metaverse. Um, and yeah, it's, you know, it's, it's a fascinating thing, you know, where would we be if Tom cruise had been Ironman? Yeah, it's an interesting thought to have. Would we still be where we are today? What do you think ladies and gentlemen, do you think that we [02:07:00] would still have the MCU as we know it today or with little Thomas crews have taken over and wiped the MCU from existence with his personality of delight?

[02:07:12] Uh, I don't know where I was going with that sentence. It's it's quite late on a Friday night guys. I'm tired. Give me a break. Um, what did you think about TLS guys? Do you agree with our rankings? Do you agree with where we place things? Avengers being tippity top of the Marvel phase one pile. Uh, what are your thoughts?

[02:07:28] Get in touch, uh, Zane, where can they reach you?

[02:07:32] Zane: They can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, uh, trying to think what other platforms? Tick tock, tick tock. Yeah. Why not? You can find me that Facebook. Yes. Zane underscore Tycho links will be in description Gigi. Can they find you on any of this?

[02:07:52] GG: I'm on the gram, Instagram, uh, at gentlemen, the gamer I'm also at, uh, I'm also on [02:08:00] Twitch sometime.

[02:08:01] Kind of phasing it out a little bit. So we'll see what happens with that. Uh, but yeah, also you can get us on the Gmail nerds that undisputed attitude,, uh, come along and say hello and give us your opinions. We're still, we are looking for themes by the way, guys. So if you fancy creating any themes, especially for the Nicholas, it was all the rage with Nicholas cage where we're out, we're out for it.

[02:08:22] And, uh, it's, it's been a pleasure and yeah, I don't know what we're going to do next week.

[02:08:31] Zane: Me neither, but I know one thing the list is can do they can leave a star rating on their favorite podcast platform. Whoa. Uh, and as always drop a comment,

[02:08:41] GG: unlike and subscribe. If you're on YouTube, on the tube, on the tube, on the big buy cheap.

[02:08:47] All right, Zane, I will, uh, I will see you next week, darling. Thanks very much, guys. We'll see you next week.

[02:08:53] Zane: Bye-bye.[02:09:00]


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