Every MCU Movie And TV Show Releasing In 2023

If you're a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year. With several highly anticipated movies and TV shows slated for release, there's no shortage of superhero action to look forward to.

To help you stay on top of the latest developments, we've reviewed the MCU schedule for 2023 and made some predictions on which films and TV shows you shouldn't miss.

First up, we have "Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania," which is set to hit theaters in February 2023. Starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, this movie promises to be a thrilling adventure through the quantum realm.

Next, we have the Disney+ series "Moon Knight," starring Oscar Isaac in the titular role. This show is expected to premiere in March 2023 and will introduce fans to a new hero with a unique set of powers and a dark past.

In May 2023, we'll see the release of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," the third installment in the beloved franchise. Director James Gunn is back on board, and fans can expect more of the same humor, heart, and intergalactic hijinks that made the first two movies so popular.

Later in the year, we have the Disney+ series "She-Hulk," starring Tatiana Maslany as the titular character. This show will follow Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who gains Hulk-like powers after receiving a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner.

Finally, we have the much-anticipated "Blade" movie, starring Mahershala Ali as the iconic vampire hunter. While we don't have a release date yet, we can expect this movie to be a dark, gritty addition to the MCU that will satisfy fans of the original comics.

Overall, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Marvel fans, with plenty of movies and TV shows to look forward to. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, there's something for everyone in the MCU's upcoming slate of releases.


(00:01) Welcome to the Undisputed nerds where we discuss this week's comic book movie news games TV shows and everything in between I have the chance to play gamer with one of the weakest introductions I've ever done and that is the zany taicho boom good evening good afternoon and all of those intros welcome to another episode I want to be honest with you Zane I'm a bit subdue tonight I'm a bit I'm a bit I'm a bit tired I'm a bit tasty but yeah it's been a busy week it's been a very

(00:47) busy week for me um and I've noticed that you've updated our our image as well on Undisputed nerds if you've changed the coloring of it yeah um I thought you know the old saying new year new me I thought new logo why not so um yeah funny enough I'll talk you through my inspiration so instead of I know what your inspiration was for me I know what it was oh yeah you've tried to make me look like Green Lantern haven't you a version of Green Lantern yeah yeah I'm gonna be honest with you I I look like

(01:21) some kind of um weird BDSM leprechaun is it the bow tie that ladies and gentlemen is the sign of a man who's experienced in both leprechauns and BTS sorry go on you tell me Tell Me Your Design choices go on without consulting me go ahead I yeah I I drew in I've been listening to a lot of um comics about blue Marvel uh and I thought oh you know instead of a Superman type why not have a blue Marvel type and I know you're one of your favorite Heroes is uh Green Lantern and I was like but when has green

(02:06) lantern ever worn a cape there was a time and I thought great then let's combine that in our logo yeah why don't you explained to me when that time was saying what the time was and I would like you to say it out loud on the podcast for these people listening it was a time when um Hal Jordan was going through a lot of things dare I say and um he he made himself a great sweet outfit it had like these like shoulder pad armor thingies and he had like rings on every finger it not just like and he became correct me if I'm wrong he became his

(02:48) own battery well the time that you're talking about um is the time when he was infested by the fear uh like creature Parallax um as well as also being inhabited by The Entity known as the Specter in the DC Universe and he went on what I can only describe as a murder spree where he killed all of the Green Lanterns basically and wiped out a lot of people so very much a villain look that you've put me in and I'm starting to wonder if maybe you're you know because we've we had a very brief discussion about your other show your

(03:30) let's say you're one true love Undisputed and I'm very much wondering if I am now the dirty villain of the piece no I I just thought like it's a sweet costume I thought you know it's iconic it's lasted years like people when they see it they instantly think Hal Jordan Green Lantern your favorite superhero like it is I will say I will say technically I I Hal Jordan is not my favorite how Jordan Greenlight is not my favorite superhero I will I will just say that right now I mean a a if I had

(04:06) to pick if I had to pick a Green Lantern I would pick Kyle Reyna over at Hal Jordan however however I think I Batman is is still I think my favorite superhero I I I I I I I love Green Lantern and you are right I do love Green Lantern and it is it's one of my favorite comic books but as far as heroes are concerned I I Batman is um you know I mean like when I when I look at my my bookcase right now about half a shelf is dedicated to Green Lantern whereas two shelves is dedicated to Batman and they say he's the lifeblood of the

(04:46) comic book industry I mean you know it's not just the mainstream stuff I've got there I've got some of the more Niche stuff you know like uh like Batman vs Predator one two three like Batman uh stuff um what's the one oh God what was the one where he's like in Scotland hang on a second Detective no no no wait [Laughter] yeah for those of you not watching on YouTube right now Batman Scottish connection oh look at that Suzanne I'm not just about the mainstream um but no Batman is I mean yeah Batman is just my um

(05:45) I think he is my favorite there's just it's so the character itself is just such a layered nuanced character it's um it is it is phenomenal how are you anyway I haven't even asked how you are what's new with you oh um yeah I'm good like crazy no don't worry about it um the good news is is that um if anyone does want to get the new logo they can get his merch on our website Undisputed nerds.

(06:14) com merch you can get t-shirts hoodies all of that bits and pieces I would just like to say at this point in time guys he did not check with me before he did these things it's not a check for approval he did not check for designs he just went ahead and did it and frankly I'm not sure if I'm going to see any of the proteins from this so go ahead do it if you want to because you know the Undisputed nurse logos are pretty damn cool however by the same token just you know if make sure when you buy it you

(06:43) ensure that I get half the uh half the money that's all I care about there you go there you go um so yeah if you do like the new logo you can get it on a t-shirt there you go um this week in Zane World um funny story I think you'll like this is it though uh well guys yeah I know here comes the punch like oh shopping on Amazon as one does and um I don't know if you've ever delve into the sort of Warehouse Outlook section um no okay that's fine no I'm not saying but it's gold Story coming well here's

(07:34) the thing I was looking for a particular New 52 uh DC Comics and it's been out of circulation for quite some time because New 52 is kind of an old an old thing now God that makes me feel old when you say that don't say that don't say that I mean we've had two different reboots since it's new 52.

(08:00) uh so anyways I I had to go into the the warehouse section and that's where I was able to find a run of Green Arrow comics and you would never believe it I got it for 62p the delivery was two pounds yeah so I managed to get uh Jeff lemire's trade of nice not one not two they are graphic novels then they're not they're not Comics that's cool that's awesome but three Green Arrow comics very interesting yeah I was like yeah that's that's well good for that amount of money you might have to send me a link to where that was so

(08:37) that I can go pillaging around in the dirty Warehouse that you frequented I mean they they are really good quality I think on one of them there's a Nick in the the sort of spine or just at the bottom but I mean it's the classic sort of back issues like you gotta you know when you go into those bargain bins I was looking on Amazon the other day it's funny you say that actually because I was I basically I had some birthday money left over um because January is the month of my birth and um you're not getting a day so um I was

(09:08) looking for like Immortal hog um because I want volume four um and then as I was looking for Immortal Hulk there's a couple of like those kind of graphic novel books that um I like the volumes of them I haven't finished so um there's the complete Onslaught epic that came out a while ago and I there's four of them and I've only got up to three so I went looking on Amazon I can't remember bigger but I went looking on Amazon volume four was somewhere in the region of a 160 quid oh my gosh because

(09:45) it's out of publication um that wasn't even half of it I've got like so I've got the complete clone saga of spider yeah yeah there were five of those I've got up to three yeah so I looked I looked I looked at five five was quite reasonable it was like maybe about 35 quid right pricey but it's not horrendous so it's like okay well I I can't really get five if I haven't got four I looked at four if you like to say guess how much four was Zane on Amazon paperback 170 276 quid oh my God

(10:28) I was Furious and then I I managed to like in in somewhere along the lines I don't know where I got it from but like I guess it must be known Forbidden Planet or some Bargain Basement place maybe um I managed to pick up did you know that they did the uh your your favorite Ben Reilly his his clone saga run so you know when he after after basically when Peter Parker thought he was the Clone and he disappeared for a while and then Ben Reilly took over as Spider-Man so they were they actually volumed that up into graphic novels and

(11:03) there's like a lot of volume to it so I had volume three volume one of that was somewhere in the region of 300 quid so I'm just like well I've now got a bunch of like unfinished partially completed set that is really annoying and I wasn't as annoyed until I looked up the process of them I saw what some of the ones that I have would go for and I was just kind of like oh yeah it's a tricky thing because um I've I've recently gone through a similar now we're on this rant I'm just

(11:39) gonna add to it I went through a similar sort of turmoil uh just before Christmas so your favorite your favorite author chips darski um yeah exactly he his Daredevil run uh started in I want to say 2000 uh not 2000 sorry 2020 and um to get the collection of the first volume is like out of circulation now and again like on Amazon if you want to get volume one because these are sort of resellers it starts at 160 quid quick look forward geez 160 Jesus Christ yeah um and that comic is again it's it started in 2020

(12:31) um I see that is insane yeah you see look this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about so there's there's a set of Star Wars books for example for Star Wars legacy um which was about it's about 200 years or maybe 100 no I think maybe a hundred years after the Return of the Jedi so Luke Skywalker's dead and the the Galaxy's kind of in turn more as it always is um so I there I can't remember how many issues like how many volumes there are of them but I've got up to volume 10 and I'm pretty sure that's not the end of

(13:06) The Saga right volume they're obviously clearly out of publication now because all the Legacy stuff is gone because of yeah the the paperback version of ish of volume one of that is 83 pounds God look like honestly hold on a second for just for context for those of you watching on YouTube that is 83 pounds it's not even like it's not huge either is it let me let me let me put that into context against the immortal Hulk which I just bought like the volume volume one of the immortal Hulk which is uh it was retailed for 20

(13:44) pounds currently let me just hold this up against it I just heard it don't give him a mic sorry guys so it's uh it's the sign of legacy this is the horse foreign I can fit the Hulk into well I can fit Legacy into the Hulk two times and yet that thing is 83 quid so yeah I've missed I'm pretty sure I missed the end of uh of Legacy as well so that's yeah it's just it's just a shame like it annoys me when I lose track of this stuff and then I you know she's done me it's done me saying but

(14:25) anyway Celebi saying we're not here to talk about books although I love talking about books and I'm sure everyone at home is thrilled to hear it uh however what are we here to talk about this week then uh this week we're going to talk about the MCU but more specifically phase five um we thought it'd be cool to give some of our predictions what we think is going to be some huge huge I don't know movies and TV shows interface five and leave big impressions of the rest of the universe and yeah we thought it'd be a

(14:59) great sort of Conversation Piece really yeah we're just gonna give uh give a run through of what's coming out so that you guys don't lose track over this year um bearing in mind that Ant-Man is right around the corner again so we did our we did our look last week at the villains of phase one to three and tier listed them so go back and have a look at that if you haven't already uh but yeah just to give a little preview I guess just for this uh this year and to give our thoughts on what's coming up but I think

(15:25) now would be a good time for some uh non-merchandise sponsorship adverts don't use Zane yeah why not go for it Zayn did you know that I love to surf no I didn't I know it's amazing you'd never believe it looking at me but I am an Avid surfer not of the sea though oh no no I am a surfer of the World Wide Web my friend and let me tell you something when I go surfing I definitely need some protection not the usual kind of wetsuit though I need some VPN do you know what VPN means ain't I I don't

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(18:09) internet privacy with surfshark thank you very much surfsharkvpn guys go and get one they are fantastic um so yeah we're going to be talking about uh about uh Marvel phase five uh this week however Zayn you know what time it is come on we do it every week last week was a particular Humdinger that I don't think I'm gonna beat this week if I'm honest with you because God Almighty I I don't think I've laughed so much for quite a while um and I've never seen you laugh so much in your in your entire friendship with

(18:42) me um but this week we have gone back it is a it is the Batman 360 no scope this week um it's a Tuffy I've given you a tough one however with your intimate knowledge of The Dark Knight and all that he has murdered I am sure you will be able to get it so for those of you who have no idea what Batman 360 no scope is and if you're listening for the first time uh in the comic books Batman does not kill people it's one of his core ethos's uh he's yeah he never crosses that line however movie Batman kills like a mother

(19:15) he goes for it he will murder indiscriminately whoever it is whatever he's doing he just loves the death so uh I have uh recorded an audio clip for Zayn he is going to have a listen with all of us is going to have a listen actually and I'm going to propose to him the questions what's the film what's the year and who is he killing so are you ready zany I just need to call Danny quickly so oh God yeah I forgot Jesus get him out of his box yeah Danny is he coming yeah yeah yeah you ready yeah he said he's ready

(19:59) Danny get the manacles out the way get on the pit get on the piano put your headphones on Danny how is he gonna hear it all right yeah I think he's I think he's on it yeah good I hope the chains don't jingle against the piano and he comes in um right anyway uh so uh Zayn let's let's get Danny to play his piece uh you know keep him happy before we put it back in the box [Music] all right all right back back to your position go on no no you're not watching Nightmare Before Christmas you watch it every day

(20:40) like [Laughter] you got me really well with that sorry ah Danny yeah we'll give you a call if Sam raymie calls but he's not going to call all right just get back in your box right okay never behaves oh that's ridiculous he does a couple of movie themes and he thinks he's hot right anyway uh Zane are you ready for this you might want to yes Danny was a bit quiet there you might want to prop up the volume a bit just to make sure that uh you can you can get the full the full feeling of this I've got I I've

(21:16) cranked it up he's I've left the room I know I know he doesn't know what he's doing yes um all right go for it I know what this is this is the best thing ever this is the best scene ever ladies and gentlemen I think we might have a rare one where Zayn has got it instantly Zayn would you like to give us your thoughts on what well actually play it one more time for the the listening audience at home okay yeah foreign see the choreograph in my mind yeah

(22:30) all right so come on then what's the the film is Batman v Superman or no Batman v Superman you're right yeah yeah that's fine I'll take Batman v Superman yeah what was the year is it 2016 it was 2016. wow who's he killing it's a great question um it's it's a load of like Superman foot soldiers from The Nightmare sequence and maybe a parademon it is you are correct zany babies I thought to myself what better way to get back into the Batman 360 no scope than to give Zane what he truly wants

(23:14) which is bat flag killing people no scoping you are correct this is that nightmare sequence where it shows the future where Batman has turned into what I can only describe as a western hermit and he decides to scream loudly after Abby Sees a bunch of his friends murdered and the way that he responds to that is by mowing him down with a Beretta nine millimeter it is a glorious scene uh and uh just goes to show that Zack Snyder is absolutely bloodthirsty congratulations Zane well done did you guys at home get it I hope you guys at home got it I

(23:53) think if you hadn't got that you would have been super disappointed in yourself you would have seen me fall apart man cry I was thinking I might do I might we're going to mix it up over the next couple of weeks but I might give you uh some more Superman ones because that was uh that was fun last week caught me off guard more than anything but I know what you didn't you didn't like Terror stamps it was a nightmare to edit it was so it took me so long to get through it yeah to get it under a minute for the

(24:31) the shorts yeah it's good it's good I I enjoyed it so yes there you go guys uh I hope you uh you've got all three of those right listening at home um if not then don't worry about brushing up on Batman v Superman nobody cares about it anymore um so yeah I mean it only happened four years ago exactly that's by by today's new 52 standards that's now a Classics also by the way you're a bit behind you seven years ago oh my God foreign four plus three is seven anyways so uh all right let's have a

(25:19) look at Phase five then and see what's coming up so uh I'm gonna run through this um there aren't some of these don't have official release dates so um the movies we are pretty confident of when they're gonna happen uh oh look oh look at that he's only gone and put a timeline up right in front of me so I don't have to read the annoying um some of these are now not so that timeline in front is not necessarily accurate though uh some of those films are not gonna happen so we're going to

(25:48) talk about phase five across 2023 so that's all the films and TV that's coming out this year um for those of you who are watching on YouTube um Zane's put up a phase five slate however some of these have moved and changed so I've got the I've got the accurate slate in front of me here in terms of kind of the lists of what's coming out um so we're going to talk through it but it's a it's a nice visual to have with it saying so thank you thank you for doing that um no problem I love you lots

(26:14) right so I guess let's uh let's begin at the beginning um so the beginning of phase five will officially be the Ant-Man and wasp Quantum Mania now I'm going to prefix this and tell you Zane I have not seen the second trailer okay so I've seen the first trailer obviously and I got Uber hyped uh I am genuinely very excited for it second trailer I have not seen however I do know of a certain big-headed villain who makes an appearance yes so uh thoughts on Ant-Man do we first of all do we think it's going to be good

(26:58) yes I I think it's going to be Undisputed already I am just from the the trailers and the certain gravitas that the trailers kind of inject into because ant-man's always been kind of like the funny jokey film and it's always been like the end of certain phases if I'm right and thinking um uh not not necessarily but sometimes the bridge between phases yeah yeah um it's always been the light-hearted kind of like pla uh palette cleanser hasn't it and then you kind of get into like the serious movies uh where this

(27:35) one is kind of like this is the big boy like this is the first so in terms of kind of um excitement factors for me I mean this is the first time we're gonna see Kang and I don't mean he who remains I mean proper proper Kang on screen uh like you know we've seen Jonathan Majors as he who remains already um you know in in Loki we have not seen the big bad the next big bad of the MCU yet and we are going to see him and I cannot begin to describe to you how excited I am both for the fact that the actor is incredible and also this

(28:18) villain has the potential to either make or break this universe like I I think that can can go very wrong you know because it's a little p time traveling crazy wacky you know ancestor of Reed Richards kind of craziness you know um and it can be very easy to get that very very wrong so I don't I don't based on the trailers that I've seen and I know that Marvel trailers often come with a lot of like the hyperbole hype yeah however I will say I don't know whether it's just me and I'm becoming a bit more

(28:56) jaded about the Marvel Universe but like none of the trailers for the films in phase four have excited me the same way that Ant-Man Quantum media did like there was just something about it where I was just like this feels like the old magic again like this feels like it's like oh foreign [Laughter] no [Music] eternals did not excite me and you know what it is did not excite me beforehand so don't even get me started with that um but no it's like you know what I mean it's this is yeah this had such a good

(29:45) feel about it in the trailer where I was just like it's it's jokey enough Yes actually started to take itself seriously like you and I have had a conversation about the fact that like all of the Standalone stuff in Marvel like werewolf by night and Moon Knight and stuff it had jokey elements in it but it was it was quite serious and those those worked Loki worked you know they were they were serious pieces that were good all the films and um you know the ones that got a bit too comedically jokey and everyone's

(30:17) one-liner quipping they didn't work they really didn't work and if this is the case of like they're bringing this back to some semblance you know I'm excited that Bob iger's taken back over at Disney again and basically said no we're not going to do more less is more let's refocus on the quality of this stuff and it is just even from the trailer of Ant-Man it does show like it just felt more like oh this is this is this could have been in phase three you know this is like yeah it feels really

(30:47) good uh yeah go on yeah I'm sorry I talked for a bit there no it's okay I the two things that kind of crossed my mind is you just talk in there first one is I don't know about you but I've always seen Ant-Man as part of like the new Avengers sort of kind of slate and in my mind New Avengers I think of Falcon I think of Scarlet Witch I think of you know whoever wasn't really part of like the original the original gang um yeah and it's kind of like he's probably one of the only sort of pieces

(31:23) left that connects like say someone like chongqi to the ogs if you know what I mean it's almost like no I I wouldn't agree with that I I think there are there's plenty of there's plenty of Heroes left that connect you know the the two together like if you look at the easiest way to do that look at Civil War right Civil War was the the heart of Faith too pretty much like it was Avengers 2.

(31:52) 5 I think it was phase two or phase three right at the beginning it was it was either end of phase two or very at the beginning of phase three and um Scarlet Witch still around uh White Vision still around uh War Machine still around you know uh yeah yeah yes he is our water is coming what are you talking about of course he is armor was keeps disappearing off the Slate okay Falcon still around you know just well yeah that's what I mean like Falcon feels part of that like you know one of those again New Avengers in my mind

(32:27) um but we can talk about where we think it's gonna go because there's lots more to cover yeah we'll talk about some more of that but um yeah I think I think this this one is gonna this one really is going to set the scene for Kang to be the focal point I think I think the reason why this one's going to be good is we will get some form of understanding as to why a exactly Kang is such a threat but also uh how he's going to become a threat because right now it's kind of just been all this

(33:02) stuff about like uh you know all the multiversal stuff's a bit crazy in it oh it's a bit wacky oh yeah better not have an incursion over here [Music] but we're going to find out like cameos he's going to get out of the quantum realm yeah and somebody was go on what were you gonna say I was just gonna say it's gonna be cool to have a nice big bad it's been a long time yeah although somebody was saying it's slightly frustrating to them because they think that the main reason that Kang is going to be able to escape

(33:37) is because specifically because Tony Stark in invented time travel and so once again we will have another villain in the MCU who was created by Tony Stark but they're gonna that that somebody was theorizing the only way that he can get out of the quantum realm was by understanding that the Mobius strip is what an inverted Mobius strip is what is the the Mysteries to time travel and he hasn't worked out yet so as soon as he finds that out because of Ant-Man that's gonna be his way out and it's going to

(34:11) be because of Tony Stark so indirectly yet again Tony Stark is creating villains in the uh anyway there we go uh so yeah that's February so uh exciting exciting time now this is quite interesting because I'm just looking at this as well did you realize that um Kevin feige is joint producing that venture so he's the producer with a guy called Stephen Broussard who's at uh Disney as well all right Kevin feige is co-producing a lot of stuff now but there's only a few things that he's actually solo producing on so

(34:48) Stephen prasadas is following Executives referred to as the Marvel Studios Parliament arouses and Stephen brassard is on that Parliament so Stephen Prasad is producing Ant-Man and the WASP Quantum Mania Kevin feige is produced in the next two films that come out this year which we'll talk about now so the first one uh again another one I'm very excited for May the 5th 2023 it is Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3.

(35:18) sir the swan song for Mr Gunn in the MCU because he will be gone after this because he's now running DC um so let's uh let's stick with what we said already is it going to be good oh I didn't know about this one I don't know I I feel like it has to be good like it has to be because in my mind like the guardian stock has dropped significantly over the years um I feel like the Christmas special may have like put it back on track Christmas special was excellent yeah it was really good and yeah I don't know I thought your

(36:02) thoughts I agree with you I agree the guardian stock has dropped I think the volume two was a not a not a fantastic film like the first one was um yeah we talked about it in the um in the uh tier list last week you know um I think some of that is actually to do with the cast as well um because Chris Pratt is not as well loved as he was when Guardians first came out because of a lot of people criticizing his religious beliefs and all this other kind of stuff which I personally think is ridiculous you're allowed to believe whatever you want to

(36:37) believe as long as you're not hurting anyone um regardless of that uh you know Dave Batista said he's not doing any more after this next one he's done he's out um and you know like the Guardians were basically taken off the board for end game like they win Infinity War featured quite heavily but then end game they were nowhere to be seen um and yeah their stocks just run a bit cold I think so I think a refresh of the team is great won't be interesting right is that James Gunn he's not gonna he's as far as we're

(37:15) aware he's not going to do anymore but he said like this will be the end of the guardian's lineup in its current iteration wouldn't it be weird if he does come back and do more whilst he's still running DC stranger things have happened I mean you know he went off and did The Suicide Squad and uh Peacemaker and then he's come back to the Guardians so I don't know yeah I so much has changed since that first Guardian movie like you said not only his new role at DC um but things were the actors as well

(37:47) like Dave Batista is a serious actor now like yeah you know and I don't know if he saw the reports this week but is it Zoe I can never pronounce it she's now like the only actress oh actor who's appeared in like four billion billion dollar movies like actual full movies that have made a billion each um which is crazy to to have as an Accolade isn't it in about what two of those movies are sure that is crazy it's really annoying of course of course but I mean yeah it's so she's been in four so obviously I

(38:32) have a avatars both of those yeah end game that they talking about yeah she yeah so the characters in both Infinity war and end game you can't like I right okay so I'm gonna prefix this with I love Zoe Saldana I think she's amazing and uh you know she's an extremely talented actress I don't agree that like the reason why Avengers Infinity war and end game were successful was because she was in it do you know what I mean it's like I understand that they're saying oh yeah you know she's one of those actresses

(39:08) where it's like oh yeah it's back to back you know billion dollars blah blah blah blah it's like yeah I get that but like that wasn't off her back like if anything I understand we have rdjs back to say that like it was you know it end game was his end game you know that was that was it was the culmination of 10 years of work to get that film yeah yeah but at the same time that character is a focal point in Infinity War like a throne of a cliff well yeah and it has gravitas and stuff but at the same time like no one's

(39:41) turned it to see Sam Warburton to be an avatar they're like now Avatar I agree no people go to the Avatar because they're brainwashed and they think it's going to be amazing three times he went you know who I'm talking about we talked about last week uh right okay so well with that in mind talking about death somebody's gonna die who's your money on Guardians volume three oh I guess it's how many oh you reckon how many yeah I think so I think this is I think well you go first go on

(40:19) I think Drax rocket I'm I really want to say Peter quills as well I I think I think rocket is going to die and I think it's going to break my heart um I I think Drax will probably snuff it as well I think you're right yeah I don't think will die I don't think he will I think they will reserve the right to bring him back okay unless unless um uh Chris Pratt has just gone now kill me off the way they killed off Tony Stark you know Han Solo me yeah yeah and he Infinity gauntlets himself to death I I

(40:58) can't I don't think so I just do think he gets to ride off in the sunset with with the girl I I can't see it happen I think he'll probably end up dying in her arms oh nebula's gonna die as well I'm 99 sure nebular all day yeah I think so too yeah interesting interesting well I think I I have high hopes for Guardians 3 but you're right it could turn out to be a big poo poo um I'll take over on this one something I don't have big hopes for is the Marvels coming in July 28th 2023 uh it

(41:31) will be the culmination and getting together of well the Marvel family so uh Kamal Khan uh what's her name Brie Larson what's her name Carol Danvers yeah and uh uh Monica Rambo uh Spectrum will be coming together for a team up of sorts uh more commonly known as the Marvels um I'm not holding out a lot of Hope for this one buddy I've got to be honest with you I I just I I can't see it being good first of all we have no idea who the villain might be in it we know now that in Guardians it's going

(42:09) to be the high evolutionary which is a perfect villain which that's true it's going to revolve around rocket as well it's absolutely perfect I don't I I one of the really good things to come out of phase four has been Iman villani's um Ms Marvel Kamala Castle absolutely she's great still can't get to grips with brie Larson's Carol Danvers I just I can't it's coming across more as arrogant than you know cool um I mean Monica Rambo is good I guess I don't know I'm just not I'm not

(42:49) feeling good about this what what are your instincts on this one so like you said It's tricky because everything we've had so far hasn't kind of blown us away like I mean Captain Marvel did do a billion at the box office and you know credit where credits do that's that's cool and like I I've seen the movie more than once I I think it's definitely watchable I just it's I don't know it's kind of a weird it was a weird kickoff movie at a weird time in between two of the biggest

(43:23) movies um but I guess it sounds terrible but I guess like because my expectations are kind of so low at the moment I think anything will be pleasant going forward and just to kind of give an example the shazam movie like the first one I really like that but I I went into it kind of like not expecting yeah yeah anything kind of change my world so I kind of with this I hope there's going to be like some sort of stylize or some it needs something to kind of put it into its own Direction and I really kind of hope it

(44:04) does that and blows us all away a bit like spider-verse spiders has its own sort of unique you know what I mean kind of like look direction is sound and if it has something like that I think it could do so it could be amazing interesting news about this one so there's a there's an actor called um zawei Ashton uh okay uh she is she's a British actress she's been in loads of things um in the UK including the demon Headmaster there's a callback BBC uh probably the biggest film that she's been in is Velvet buzzle starring Jake

(44:39) Gyllenhaal okay she's been cast as the Baddie but they haven't told us who the Baddie is but it's a female so you know it will be a female body so speculate all you want here's where it gets really interesting I think they might reuse her um because guess who she's engaged to apparently in real life uh he engaged I have no idea she's engaged to Loki himself Tom Hiddleston oh [Music] I wonder if that's how she got the job it's very jaded view isn't it uh but yeah so anyway so she's been

(45:20) casting I'm not surprised someone managed to Wrangle that deviation that sexy Hiddleston I know demigod you know well he's on the rebound after that whole Taylor Swift debacle isn't he so that's what it was you know he's just he had to nail him down uh there you go yeah I'm not I I don't know the Marvels I'm getting a feeling that I did with the eternals where I'm worried about it I'm very very worried about it and I feel like it could be a misstep the other reason that makes me

(45:49) worried right is from a screenwriting perspective I'm just gonna have a quick shout out for this and you can see what the odd one out is all right okay yeah Batman and the WASP Quantum Mania screenwriters Jeff loveness Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 screenwriter James Gunn the Marvels screenwriter Megan McDonnell Nia DeCosta Alyssa caracia and Zeb Wells Zeb Wells comic book writer Zeb Wells comic book writer Zeb Wells known for him hey TV series Robot Chicken and the co-creator of super mansion I was expecting you to

(46:29) be like oh dear not yeah well I mean like There's a comic book writer writing a comic book movie that's not a bad idea um considering a lot of the times producers and Hollywood likes to like to think they know I would normally agree with you except there's four writers man yeah okay yeah yeah wow yeah I just I just it worries me I I don't have a good feeling about it and I'm not sure where we're gonna go with that but we'll see we'll see anyway um all right awesome written on Spider-Man isn't the best right now

(47:07) either so um so uh we don't have really any release dates for this at the moment um unless you've got some updated information for me but we'll run through the list of the TV shows there's quite a few that are coming out this year uh again again um so let's start with uh the the introductions the first series so far so secret invasion is coming out um at the beginning of this year we've seen a trailer for it so far um it's going to cover Sam Jackson's Nick Fury um and the well secret invasion of these

(47:44) Scrolls um and living on Earth as well as possibly decree um the trailer hasn't really given us much from it but I will say looked really good I it did look very very good like a spy Espionage Thriller show um I I'm excited for this one um yeah secret Invasion the comics I felt actually was a bit of a damp square but I thought it was kind of like yeah not really worth the the printed hype that they put on it um because and the main reason I didn't like secret invasion in the end was that the only really huge couple of

(48:18) Revelations of who were Scrolls turned out to be Black Bolt I think Invisible Woman was a scroll uh Spider Woman Spider Woman and Elektra right those are the names I was just like that's cool and all but like come on make it someone like meaty you know make it like a cap make it like an Iron Man make it someone like oh my God what what the hell has happened and also I hated the explanation of like oh they're not really dead like they didn't kill them and replace them they put them in like cryostasis up on a spaceship so that you

(48:54) know they could use their genetic material it's like no commit kill him so I don't think secret Invasion I think it's just going to take the name only I don't think it's going to be anything like the comic books um but theories to this one of the theories that I had very quickly before um I hand it over to you sorry just back on about yourself so if you remember at the end of secret Invasion Norman Osborne uh the perception is he saves the world and so they put him in charge of Shield which

(49:29) he then turns into hammer yep my theory is this what's up what's her name um lady from Seinfeld Julia Louise Dreyfus I can't remember what her character name is Contessa yeah yeah yeah my theory is she's going to be publicly responsible for ending The Invasion uh that's gonna put the brains of power in her hands to be able to do the Thunderbolt initiative and make her own Avengers dark rain sort of storyline yep and then potentially we'll see Secret Avengers and that's one knee that's that's why

(50:08) it'll be behind the scenes hidden stuff possibly that's a theory that's a theory okay over to you tiger what I'd really like to see from this is probably more more sort of agent level sort of characters appear in so what I mean by that is your Mockingbirds and can't say Hawkeye but do you know what I mean maybe I'm not Kate Bishop you know those sort of like Espionage sort of well maybe a Viper yeah I mean pretty pretty good news for you on that one so the head writer of this show is Kyle Bradstreet um he is

(50:52) most well known for writing Mr Robot the Amazon okay TV series with um that guy who played Freddie Mercury who I can't remember the name of now I know who you mean I I don't know the body in um he's the buddy in in no time to die that's it um there's a nice little Republic callback for anyone out there listening uh yes uh so he's writing it so he's the head writer on it so any comments about that that should be that should be good um one last theory about that uh I wonder if they will use the

(51:36) Scrolls as a way of justifying recasting I still think I dude I still think we've we've had this conversation I think when when Secret Wars is done Avengers phase six Secret Wars is done I think it's going to refold everything in and they will use that as the excuse of like oh the Multiverse is all crazy we don't know who's variance and who's not anymore oh look it's it's Tony Stark from Earth 315 but he's now on 614 so therefore he's the Tony Stark you know what I mean I think yeah yeah hold it in

(52:12) like that probably um I'm just thinking more like Terence Howard was in that first foreign he did say one day one time yeah I was you said Terrence Howard and I immediately thought Terence Stamp from Superman um right uh so other first season stuff Echo uh uh the daughter of Kingpin she was featured heavily in Hawkeye um she's gonna get her own show um I really liked uh I really liked uh how did you say her name I like a Luke was a liquid Cox's Maya hawk or whatever her name is um I really enjoyed her I thought she was

(53:01) great I don't know what a whole show is going to be about though not really sure about it I think this is going to be one of those ones where I'm kind of just like it meh um what do you think I think this is going to set up everything Daredevil I think you are right I think that is correct yeah I think I think this is secretly a daredevil show um or David a daredevil sort of Prelude I think this is the way you write book words no this is a this is a Kingpin show this is a Kingpin show to set up the body for dared ever born again

(53:40) yeah you're right 100 100 you know you know how we had the book of Bob set up Mandalorian yes yes yes yeah yeah yeah you're right yeah it sounds horrible to say out loud but I think that's what's well that's basically One Division was basically the setup to Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness when you look back on it and it literally was all right well speaking of that let's move on to the next one which is Agatha the coven of Chaos absolutely yeah what's weird about this right so all the shows we talked about

(54:15) so far six episodes Agatha Nine episodes now my first question is why what do you mean by happening beautiful in that picture yeah gorgeous she looks there bloody hell I I think I don't I have no I mean Agatha Harkness in the comic books is not a it's not a great character to really explore hold that thought because something just just a really all it in um so audience for blade audience loved um Catherine in one division yeah yeah so much so that not only is she getting you know the TV show and stuff but they've only and bloody

(55:09) updated the comic books to look like her oh my God so that you've de-aged the character to kind of fall in line with the continuity of that I don't know whether it's uh Agatha Darkness or psylocke I can't tell they've made the design exactly the same I mean that's yeah I'm not surprised but I like kind of similar to Echo really I just have zero excitement about Agatha Covenant chaos oh for those of you who are listening and not watching by the way uh she looks exactly like psylocke

(55:45) now in the X-Men side like that's what she looks like I just had some ponies yeah it's lots of purple I just don't have any excitement for this I don't know about you you know I mean I guess maybe it's setting up some kind of the only thing that would be cool is if they hook it up to some of the werewolf By Night stuff maybe with swamp things oh sorry not Swamp Thing Man thing um um but I just don't care I don't know about you yeah it's a real odd choice but yeah it he's my only scare is kind of

(56:16) like we're gonna get clear if I pronounce that correctly in this doctor strange who's like another powerful sorcerer yeah you know sort of idea I just hope Agatha doesn't kind of slowly creep in and steal that crowd if you know what I mean it was Agatha all along you do know that so possibly yeah I see what you did there um yeah before we know it she'll be the new sorcerer Supreme instead of you know they turn into a Redemption Arc and it's about you know if oh god let's let's hope they

(56:54) don't do it where it's like it turns out clear as Agatha or like you know what I mean like we'll try and do the origin of that that would be awful um anyway speaking of things I don't really care about uh ironheart is coming up next so uh uh Riri Williams was introduced in wakanda Forever um and she was absolutely pointless and I didn't understand why they put her in it but they put her in it uh well she's getting her own TV show uh ironheart for those of you who are not aware um ironheart is the kind of spiritual

(57:26) successor to Iron Man in the comic books uh Rue Williams is a genius creates her own Iron Man suit and yeah as I said she's appeared in the MCU already in wakanda Forever uh I don't care Zane yeah it's it's a weird one because when this originally got announced we speculated that this would be some sort of again Prelude into armor Wars now there's been so many rumors about arm Awards because it hasn't been like the slated or announced because I think originally it was going to be part of

(58:01) face form wasn't it oh actually I've just seen something that's gonna that's actually made me more excited about this uh yeah it was It was supposed to be part four go on I I don't know if this is now the new armor Wars or no it can't be because they've got they've already announced the villain who's the hood I think you may have mentioned to do that's what I was about to say I completely forgot that the hood at like uh Parker Robbins was was the body in this like that is

(58:29) amazing because the hood is is incredible it's going to be interesting to see the release order of this stuff like because he I think I've I've definitely talked about him on the show before yeah but like he you know he he basically has a magic cloak and guns which uh allows him to take over the the underworld so he can every time he teleports using the cloak it it steals a piece of his soul um and that's why he kind of has to use it quite sparingly but he does it to take over the criminal underworld and

(58:59) become the new Kingpin of crime so it'll be interesting to see if ironheart happens before where it's like because obviously kingpin's kind of disappeared at the moment after Hawkeye because of that whole thing I wonder if they're gonna do um this is the setup so like they do this where the hood is taking over the criminal underworld Echo is where Kingpin comes back or flip it oh my God imagine if the hood is the Daredevil bad guy this time and it's not Kingpin no well as are you seeing like during the

(59:38) blip or like against Daredevil that'd be amazing oh yeah that's yeah like well just read read this like this this uh so uh uh character is introducing so Robbins was originally a petty criminal until an encounter with a nashanty demon which he defeated and robbed of its hood and Boots gaining superpowers in the progress a process such as levitation and invisibility as the hood he became a well-known figure in the New York criminal underworld and eventually formed his own crime syndicate yep I I I wanna I'm sorry Bendis uh so uh

(1:00:25) stated news Rama interview the pages of the new Avengers Parker Robbins would be getting similar treatment to Vito Corleone in The Godfather part two uh like the century in Echo the hood is one of these excellent brand new Creations that no one else was touching and that's how they fall by the wayside okay yeah I've just remembered something about this and it's I've just pulled it up to double check so uh two things first thing I'm pretty sure the hood is being played by Anthony Ramos who a lot of people will recognize from the

(1:01:01) Hamilton musical um secondly I think there's a rumor that Mephisto is going to be in this played by Sasha Baron Corbett at the Sasha that was Sasha Baron called yes uh that was that was the bunks that is not apparently happening but who knows he would be he would look Sasha Baron Cohen is he's so if that's brought out for those of you who don't know who we're talking about just because he's done Borah analogy doesn't mean he's not an extremely good actor no I'm not even I'm not joking

(1:01:38) like oh he is have you ever seen the Spy that's on Netflix no but I saw him in Sweeney Todd yeah he's good in Sweeney Todd but also like so there's this Netflix show about it was a real life case um who had to infiltrate into an extremely dangerous part of the Middle East um and like the whole the whole thing was about like this infiltration and Sasha baronco was the lead in it and it's it's deadly serious it's a drama and he is fantastic in it like genuinely fantastic um and he's he's extremely like people

(1:02:14) he is not an idiot like Sasha Brown Cohen he's really good um I I think him as Mephisto genuinely would be fantastic I think he'd be excellent um and I think that's I think he'd take a lot of people by surprise if he is that could also tie into Agatha because obviously Agatha in the books is a is a follower of miss vesto you know she's devoted to him so yeah it could all fit in it could all fit in maybe it's the the demon that the hood steals the stuff off of is Mephisto Vista that's not bad like you know like

(1:02:47) a Mephisto Courier or whatever because it's very unlikely you could beat in Fisto but yes um no that's that's actually do you know what talking about that has actually piqued my interest I'm actually a bit excited for ironheart but all the other stuff that's going on in there that's that's exciting um that's all the uh first series this season but then we've got some returning Seasons as well I'm going to leave the best till last so next we're going to talk about what if season two is coming

(1:03:15) with a whole new set of crazy kooky what-if episodes um what do we think what do we think Zane thoughts on the first following up on the second what if was a weird Beast wasn't it um we we reviewed we reviewed it weekly for this podcast um and we were kind of drained yeah through throughout it but I think the finale kind of redeemed it in so many ways if he kind of like watched maybe like the last three episodes uh and that amazing doctor strange episode I think it's like those are exceptional uh but I I don't

(1:03:56) know I'm kind of interested to see what they've got left to tell with a season two um yeah there were some ideas they didn't put into like there was the um Spider-Man Supreme wasn't there the sorcerer Supreme Spiderman they didn't including what if number one there's there are so many I mean there's so many what-if tales like this so I've got like four of the what if books um you know I think I've said I've mentioned before on the podcast one of them is uh like what happens if

(1:04:24) Spider-Man didn't separate from the Symbiote um what if he was just you know if it bonded perfectly with him um spoiler alert he turns into a monster that's what happens um but like yeah there's a lot of like premise and crazy things that they can do with it I thought personally speaking I think what if and I thought what if was uh three episodes too long and I thought a nine a nine episode run was a mistake and I still do and what have they done they've gone and done another nine episode right for season

(1:04:57) two so I think it's gonna be a case of you'll get this theme that goes throughout probably like a hyper uh like a like like what they did with Ultron Ultron with the Infinity Stones they'll probably do like a hyper version of a big bad so we're going to see like I don't know like um you know Thanos as a Celestial or some stuff you know what I mean I'm just yeah it's a bit boring ideas but like some kind of super big bad and then there'll be like Filler episodes yeah yeah they're apparently developing

(1:05:29) a Marvel zombie Series so I very much doubt they'll put another Marvel Zombies what if in there um yes you're right I did hear about that yeah yeah I don't know I don't know it'd be nice to see some what ifs with the new characters I guess like you know what if it was the Young Avengers instead of The Avengers fighting fast yeah I imagine it's going to be like a load of mixed stories like Wong and uh yeah but yeah and that uh fighting ring in um what you call it in chongqi in um I keep wanting to say kamitage it's not

(1:06:10) kamitage it's um madraport metropol yes yeah yeah magical yeah I I you know I just I don't know what they're gonna do but yeah I'm kind of I'm very meh about what if now like very meh about it I just don't care maybe we'll get the episode where it's like what if She-Hulk had a good ending [Laughter] anyway uh yeah meh don't care uh right let's end on the big the big high and the one that I am easily most excited for and I think this Rivals any excitement for any films that is coming

(1:06:47) out for me personally this year uh Loki season two is coming in mid 2023 they have had a trailer for it already it got my uh Marvel senses tingling oh boy did I love Loki season one it is my favorite of all the television programs that came out uh by Disney um Sorry by Disney Marvel specifically last year um it was last year wasn't it no wait it was the year before 2020 no it wasn't 2020 was it it's 20 21.

(1:07:21) yeah before sorry um yeah it was 2021. um anyway regardless I adored Loki season one it was fantastic from beginning to end Tom Hiddleston is incredible I was very happy to hear that they've announced season two I can't wait to see where they go with it what about using yeah I'm really looking forward to this I I have to admit going into Loki I wasn't kind of like overly sort of I don't know I wasn't kind of I don't know if it was because of um own Wilson having such as like supporting role and

(1:08:02) stuff I I just wasn't kind of like into it nothing I think he's like he was a big enough actor to have like his own character not to be like but once the show happened yeah definitely okay all right fair enough yeah um but either way like I was blown away by how good Loki was just absolutely mesmerized by the whole thing and like you said it stood Head and Shoulders above everything else that came out I'm sorry for those of you who say that the episode where he's on the dying planet is a filler episode you're an idiot

(1:08:40) because uh I'm sorry but that explores the true character of Loki and why he is the way he is and who he is and how he still has connections back to Asgard even though he's you know had all this Trauma from that experience and all sort of stuff it was it's that series is so well done I know from beginning to end from the initial mystery of what the Loki variant's gonna be to then the revelation of like he's falling in love with himself technically but then you know the the huge reveal of like it it

(1:09:14) was Kang all along you know it's like God it's just and that actually does I will say you know we haven't really seen Kang in in we haven't seen Kang properly on on screen yet that series that's such a phenomenal job and this is what this is why I get annoyed by phase four that series did such an amazing job at showing just how strong Kang is when the the main focal point of phase one to three was Infinity Stones and they are literally paperweight within TVA which is being run by a variant of Kang and

(1:09:53) it's my first episode in the first episode and it's like that is just lost in such a a swathe of poop that came out in phase four where it's just like yeah let's just flood the market with everything let's just flood it with everything and now it's just like oh did that happen I can't remember and it's like no this is like he is like this is the guy who's going to be the next Thanos like this is the setup for him you know he has a power beyond the universe like he does you know he is

(1:10:26) outside of time and space he can literally control things at a timeline like a God and that is the next big bad and yeah it's just completely ignored and it drives me nuts so but yeah Loki was season two is going to be so good especially how they explain everyone losing their mind it does a lot of heavy uh heavy lifting into the new face doesn't it really when you look back on it it does like a lot to to set everything up until everything yeah um just to kind of go back to back about that episode where they're walking on

(1:11:01) the planet there's a running joke in the Doctor Who community that every episode you know is in a quarry in Wales somewhere it's shot and filmed which most likely it is and that episode of Loki is the most Doctor Who like episode but it's also the perfect Doctor Who episode because you can tell it it is shot in a quarry where they've kind of put a gradient of purple over it to make it feel like an alien planet but like you said it explores the character's motives and feelings and everything else

(1:11:34) which is in amazing so uh one thing that we should theorize about right now uh very quickly is the d23 trailer for Loki uh revealed in it uh there was a there was a line I guess not many people have talked about I don't know maybe they have maybe they haven't but there was a line in it uh and I'm gonna paraphrase a little bit where they say uh it's the lady in charge of the TVA talking um and she says uh we were told that we were all created by the grand Masters or whatever their names were um and then it says but in actual fact

(1:12:11) we're all variants yes so yeah who do you think Mobius is a variant of oh I hadn't even thought of that yeah see it puts into question all of the people who we've seen who's the guy in the office who's here variant of I did I wonder if the Ramona element is always a kind of factor isn't it because the name of the character historically was was the was the the wife of Kang wasn't it in one or two variants he was trying to save his wife um kind of similar to Mr Freeze I guess he was trying to find a way to save her

(1:12:59) throughout time and and things of that nature well based on the Animated Series yeah yeah exactly just controls time not ice [Laughter] um Move Along Move Along yeah I guess it's kind of like will she be a variant of his wife or maybe even a Kang variant who's who's to say exactly and that's the question is that is everyone inside there the Kang variants like is the TVA made up of Kang variants or you know is it are we going to find out that like you know Owen Wilson is a variant of Tony Stark or like I would like yeah

(1:13:38) Howard Stark yeah he could be he could well be Howard Stark yeah you know this is the kind of stuff where it's like it's genuinely that opens up a whole new can of worms and it's just exciting man it's just it's just cool to think of that and this is exactly what I'm saying to you I I think at the at the end of Secret Wars and the culmination of all of this it is gonna all fold back into one you know that's how they did it with so in the in the so there was another Secret Wars uh in

(1:14:04) the comics uh in 2018 or something like that 17 18 Maybe 19. yes and at the end of that that is how uh Miles Morales and um whatever the guy's name who's Reed Richards with cerebro on his head I can't remember what his name is not the leader um yeah the ultimate read you know the the barrier that's how they get into the mainstream Marvel universes because everything falls back into itself and they get carried over in a pod I think the same thing's going to happen and I think we're going to see some

(1:14:42) recasting like you said a very I think that's how a lot of the villains that they've killed off are going to come back to life I think that's how we're going to get the Red Skull back because yeah I I think they're just gonna do a redo basically and be like yep there you go it's all back you know all the ones who we killed off all the good ones we killed off like malakith they're all back is back yeah that would be that that might be oh but Fantastic Four comes out before then so it won't it won't happen but God yeah

(1:15:18) that'll be amazing mad Mickelson has talked to Doom we all want to see it although I I do like the idea of Cavill being Doctor Doom now I have to say I did me too yeah I really like that so we'll see but uh but there you go guys so that's everything that's coming out in 2023 uh phase five related uh obviously we're not going to talk about the 2024 stuff like blade Thunderbolts um and uh Daredevil uh on this episode but maybe maybe hey end of next year who knows uh oh sorry beginning of next year

(1:15:50) um I keep forgetting we're in 2023. uh I know it's weird it is weird so anyway what did you guys uh what are you guys excited for coming up in Phase five are you excited for Agatha do you think she's gonna you know knock it out of the park and show us all it was her all along uh or are you really hyped for you know the Further Adventures of boring Riri Williams uh let us know uh right into us get in touch with us Zayn how can they get in touch with us you can email us nerdsundisputed gmail.com of

(1:16:20) course you can follow us on all the social medias Twitter Instagram Facebook just search for Undisputed nerds on all of those platforms you can also follow me at Zane underscore taicho again on Twitter and Instagram GG where can they follow you uh you can get me on the gram at gentleman the gamer although I haven't updated it for a while I'm a bit behind on that uh you can also grab me on uh twitch uh twitch.

(1:16:48) tv forward slash gentlementhegamer um I have an archive of my stuff on YouTube as well so if you want to check out any of the stuff that hasn't been on Twitch for a while uh that you can see on YouTube basically so yeah go check me out on those places uh and yeah uh what are we talking about next week Zane I don't you know we're just winging it at the moment because frankly there's nothing on it's boring as hell out there there's nothing out there I'm kind of watching um what's it called the bad batch at the

(1:17:18) moment season two dropped there's nothing out there there's absolutely nothing out there um but especially all the relevant links will be in the description down below before I forget I thought I should just mention that uh yeah it's a tricky one I guess we're kind of just waiting for Ant-Man to happen yeah we could uh we could have a stab at the worst ever Netflix show apparently the Netflix original show The Witcher blood origin I watched that over Christmas did you what was it like yeah it's it's Long's rough yeah that's what

(1:17:54) I thought that's what I thought um yeah well fair enough I'm sure we'll we'll come up with something to talk about guys don't worry about it but um anyway until then you guys have a fantastic week and we'll see you next week thanks for listening and watching thank you all bye-bye ciao

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Undisputed Nerds

The Undisputed Nerds covers all things movies, TV shows and comics as well as news, reviews and general nonsense related to Comic book Movies. Hosted by Gentlemanly Gamer & Zane Taichou, it is the most ridiculous podcast on the Undisputed Broadcasting Network.