DC Comics We Want as Movies

Today we are going to pitch DC comics we would love to see on the big screen.

⏲ Time codes

00:00 start

03:23 what's the rage with nick cage

06:26 Tips & bits

06:30 Mo mo Fast 10

09:32 Info on the Eternals After credits

18:12 Ahsoka Adds Mary Elizabeth Winstead

21:58 Val Kilmer’s bat suit

25:42 Mortal combat 2

30:24 James Gunn guardians news

40:32 Main discuss

42:54 GG 1st pick

51:36 GG 2nd pick

1:01:32 GG 3rd pick

1:07:02 GG 4th pick

1:13:55 GG 5th pick

1:19:52 Zane's 1st pick

1:26:32 Zane's 2nd pick

1:31:59 Zane's 3rd pick

1:36:50 Zane's 4th pick

1:39:05 Honourable mentions

1:43:59 Closing segment


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