Undisputed Nerds Podcast was created by two nerds in the UK 2021 who love Comics, Movies, and TV Shows. We have a passion for comic book history, characters, writers and artist and the industry we love. Our podcast is a way to share our passion with others!

Who we are

Undisputed Nerds Podcast started way before our podcast, twitch or youtube did.

Back in High School we were the guys reading and drawing posting on OG Deviantart & forums to share our love of all things comics with the world. We went to local conventions and stayed up late at each other’s houses watching all the Blade movies we could. For Christmas we’d ask for Spiderman comics or the latest Batman the animated series on video.

Our goal is to build a community and platform for everyone else who roams the multiverse of comics, whether you’re alone or with friends. While ‘Real Life’ stuff takes up most of our time, we banded together to start our league; indulging in all the latest the comics has to offer.

The Team

Undisputed nerds is a super team comprised of a dedicated team of contributors.

Zane Reid

Founder & Creative Director

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Gentlemanly Gamer

Co Founder

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Just some of the awesome people we collaborate with…

Melissa Hamblett


Melissa Hamblett

Melissa Hamblett